Traducción de trophy en Español:


trofeo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrəʊfi//ˈtroʊfi/

nombrePlural trophies

  • 1

    trofeo masculino
    • Prizes include trophies and cash awards of 50,000 baht for the winning team and 25,000 baht for the runner-up.
    • Individual gold, high silver, silver, and bronze medals were awarded with large trophies for group grand winners.
    • Numerous trophies and prize money will be awarded for the various categories.
    • All three groups of workers were given champagne and trophies to celebrate their success.
    • She was awarded a trophy for the best technical performance and took the lightweight title.
    • There are trophies, medals and prizes to be won.
    • The age groups ranged from four to 20, with a trophy awarded for first prize and certificates for second and third.
    • As well as rosettes, some special trophies will be awarded and will include, best junior rider and best rider.
    • Competitions have become the highway to theatrical performances, with admission charged and cash prizes and trophies and titles awarded.
    • The fun day was capped off by an awards presentation that provided trophies and prizes to the top three golfers in each of the three flights, along with prizes to the technical victors.
    • Derby's victory perhaps made the award of the Premiership trophy to United more muted than it might otherwise have been.
    • Prizes, trophies and cash awards totalled more than one million baht.
    • The winners will receive a special trophy, with rosettes awarded to the runners-up.
    • Denise was awarded with a trophy and rosette for her efforts.
    • Three winners from this competition will be awarded trophies and prizes at the prestigious National Animal Awards in New Delhi in February next year.
    • An awards ceremony closed the event, where several trophies and prizes were presented to outstanding individual and team winners.
    • A local industrialist gave away the trophy and the prizes to the winners at the concluding day yesterday.
    • Challenge trophies and prize monies are to be awarded to the winners, runners-up and other outstanding performers.
    • That trophy is awarded every year to the winner of the football competition among the Army, Navy and Air Force.
    • As an added benefit, award winners are not only eligible for prizes and trophies, they can also benefit by being recognized in the media, who are often present at select events.
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    (from war, hunting)
    trofeo masculino
    • The cost will be long-forgotten, but the hunting memories and trophies will remain.
    • The only benefit of actually killing an animal is showing it off to your hunting buddies in your trophy room.
    • One is covered with fur, adorned with antlers, and mounted like a hunting trophy.
    • No, displaying hunting trophies is not particularly civilised, and parading heads on spikes won't encourage much objectivity.
    • Trophy hunters typically prefer to bag " prizes " with their own weapons.
    • Trophy hunters are prepared to pay large sums of money for one.
    • Hunting bears for trophies or rugs will not provide money to farmers and will not provide the relief that citizens are demanding.
    • As wild meats and poultry trophies from the hunting season fill our table, game fish are often overlooked.
    • For instance, armour and other trophies were often displayed above sepulchres.
    • Why should a picture always hang on the wall like a hunting trophy?
    • Instead of hunting game for trophies or their products, people are hunting each other.
    • My grades have not been the shining trophies of achievement they once were, and my grandmother has not been pleased.
    • In one photo, Vasell poses alone holding up the head of his trophy with the hunting rifle leaned against the animal's body.
    • The Temple of Zeus itself was funded from a military campaign, and its entablature was adorned with Spartan military trophies.
    • She landed with a clunk of her chin on the wooden floorboards looking for all the world like a hunting trophy rug.
    • And so these young couples work extra long hours, rewarding themselves with such trophies as cars, gadgets and designer shoes.
    • It's rooted in providing a hunting opportunity, getting trophies for walls and rugs for floors.
    • In a warrior's hall trophies of war such as shields may also have been hung on the wall.