Traducción de trophy wife en Español:

trophy wife

esposa trofeo, n.


coloquial, despectivo

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    esposa trofeo femenino coloquial despectivo
    • She's a classic trophy wife - beautiful, half his age, and not worth engaging (at least in his opinion) in conversation.
    • No offense, but you don't fit the bill of a trophy wife.
    • She's a young trophy wife, and owes money to a pornographer, and is also involved with a group of German nihilists.
    • A trophy wife smart enough to not ask questions waits at home with his cute kid.
    • Suddenly, Uncle Phil shows up for a visit in Brooklyn with his trophy wife.
    • I know some people probably consider me to be a trophy wife - when they meet me they realise that's not the case.
    • As a result he brings home £9.9m a year, and a trophy wife.
    • ‘We're keeping him away from the news,’ answered the trophy wife.
    • He had it all - a blonde trophy wife, a house in the Hollywood Hills, an Olympic-size pool and a credit-rating that made me drool.
    • Isabelle was more of a trophy wife, something Felix just wasn't looking for.
    • After he finishes school he'll have the charisma and intelligence he needs to get a good job, make tons of money, and land a trophy wife.
    • Stock characters, such as the lazy, donut-eating cop, the money-hungry trophy wife, and the patronising aristocrat are over-inflated to the point of explosion, thus rendered harmless.
    • Seven years down the line, Charlie has a trophy wife, two lovely kids, a mansion, agent and is minted beyond his wildest dreams.
    • And when they hit 50, biology kicks in, propelling the greying Lotharios to either fall back in love with their wives or start over again with a younger trophy wife.
    • The old paradigm of the trophy wife of the high-flying male is quietly beginning to recede.
    • From the tawdry reality of the trophy wife to the sinister threat of the smiling clown, the show is underpinned by pathos.
    • With his trophy wife at his side, he's determined to garner the nomination, no matter how dirty he has to play.
    • Each character has her own trait, from the man-eating divorcee to the frustrated career woman turned ‘mom’ and the trophy wife who has a penchant for sexy gardeners.
    • Please Jack, don't fall victim to the lure of cash and a trophy wife.
    • Tommy is a jaded veteran attracted to his father's sexy trophy wife.