Traducción de tropical en Español:


tropical, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɑpək(ə)l//ˈtrɒpɪk(ə)l/


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    (country/climate/fish) tropical
    tropical aquarium acuario tropical masculino
    • tropical cyclone ciclón tropical
    • the tropical rain forest la selva tropical
    • These birds belong in the tropical rain forests and are spectacular in the wild.
    • Snakes are found in a variety of habitats ranging from tropical rainforests to hot deserts.
    • Recent studies in temperate and tropical forests already report increases in these plants.
    • The tropical regions are also home to the rain forests where despite the extraordinary conditions, life is abundant.
    • Jaguars occupy a diverse habitat ranging from tropical rain forests to arid deserts.
    • The African rain forest is the second largest contiguous tropical forest in the world after the Amazon.
    • The climate and soil in the region are characteristic of a tropical rainforest.
    • Cola trees are large and grow best in tropical rain forests.
    • The highest diversity of pigeons and doves occurs in tropical rainforests.
    • They occupy a wide diversity of habitats, ranging from tropical forest to arctic tundra.
    • The remaining Indonesian tropical rain forests are largely in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Irian Jaya.
    • He actually adopted a tree in the tropical rainforest and a manatee down in Florida.
    • Cichlids are mainly found in the lowland, freshwater areas of tropical and subtropical regions.
    • They are primarily forest birds and live in rainforests of tropical Asia and Africa.
    • The swamps include sago palms, mangroves, and patches of tropical rain forest.
    • And if no trees are left on the valley slopes to sop up runoff from the rains and slow its flow, a tropical river will wither and die.
    • Woodcreepers live primarily in lowland tropical forests and are mainly insectivores.
    • In uneven-aged tropical rain forest ecosystems, the same principle seems to apply.
    • The forest cobra is a large, thick-bodied, black snake from the tropical and subtropical rain forests of Africa.
    • Gibbons are arboreal apes who live in the tropical rain forests of southeast Asia.
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    (weather) tropical
    • One of my earliest memories is of my mother fanning herself in the tropical heat with a sandalwood fan.
    • There's a summery good time tropical feel to reggae in the Pacific.
    • It is a fruit of temperate but warm climates, which will not endure either tropical heat or severe cold.
    • The climate is tropical: hot and humid, but moderated by northeast tradewinds.
    • And he was soon out in the tropical heat helping to arrange the delivery of tons of satellite equipment.
    • My head rises from the shelter of my arms that has been transformed to tropical temperatures from the heat of my tears.
    • Forecasters said the UK would take on a tropical feel, with sticky and muggy weather making conditions unpleasant.
    • Do I need to tell you that the last thing you want as a starter to your evening meal after a day of tropical heat is eggs Benedict?
    • I've clambered up rocks in the tropical heat in the vain hope that there might be grasswren on top of the escarpment.
    • The tropical heat hits you first thing in the morning, pasting your clothes to your body by noon.
    • The slow ceiling fans made little impact against the tropical heat.
    • Even at that time my brow felt moist with the tropical heat.
    • The dramatic reconstruction sees Cornwall's tropical gardens impersonating the sweltering heat of Darien.
    • Blame for the crash has been placed on hot summer weather followed by tropical downpours that left the road too slippery.
    • A once popular seafront fantasy park is to reopen to the public this summer - as tropical gardens.
    • Climatic variations range from humid to dry tropical to Mediterranean.
    • Such images, humid with tropical nostalgia, have come to represent Cuba to the world today.
    • The climate is humid and tropical with a dry season from January to May and a wet season from June to December.
    • It has warm tropical winds in the summer and cold polar winds in the winter.
    • My mind was empty and was cooling off as the tropical summer heat was subsiding in the shower of the moonlight.