Traducción de troubled en Español:


preocupado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtrəbəld//ˈtrʌb(ə)ld/


  • 1

    (person) preocupado
    (person) atribulado
    (look) de preocupación
    (sleep) inquieto
    (sleep) agitado
    • Her eyes wandered to his troubled face.
    • The last and only known portrait of the actor captures him as an intense, brooding young man, a distant, troubled look in his eyes.
    • The next morning when he came downstairs, his wife asked what he had learned; he looked around with a nervous and troubled glance, and after locking the door, assured her that the rumor was true.
    • The following night, the man felt another tap on his shoulder, and sees the same troubled face staring back.
    • Hannah exchanged a troubled glance with Sister Evangeline.
    • I sat stunned, but as I looked at her troubled face, the signs of fear and extreme anxiety began to show from behind her mask.
  • 2

    (industry/region) aquejado de problemas
    (history/period) turbulento
    in these troubled times en estos tiempos difíciles
    • On arriving in the troubled area, dark clouds and intense humidity increased the sense of tension in the area.
    • He cast himself as the hero, at 22 years old trying to put his troubled past behind him and go straight, but beset with biblical problems and temptations at every step.
    • This is music that directly addresses many of the problems of a troubled planet.
    • The troubled undergraduate's primary difficulty lay in conceiving how anything could float.
    • Until that day, if it ever came, she would make her home a haven of light and peace in these dark, troubled times.
    • The birds did not make a sound as Callan rose from her bed and went outside to find fresh water; it was a bad omen, but then not unusual in those dark and troubled times.
    • The problems facing the troubled suburbs are due in part to the growing fragmentation of our metropolitan areas.
    • I would like to pay tribute to the staff who worked so hard to support this troubled young woman.
    • Still, only some of their difficulties could be attributed to their troubled relationships with their mothers.
    • It is far from the image of a troubled, inner-city school beset by social problems.
    • Problems on the troubled estate have increased following the loss of the area's two community police officers.
    • Patrick and his wife raised 11 children during difficult times and a troubled period in our history.
    • His marriages are often mentioned and described as troubled, difficult, but no great detail about them is given.
    • In these dark and troubled times, we need all the help we can get.
    • In a journal entry about the coming exhibition, he aptly describes how his art has helped soothe a troubled and unsettled past.
    • He had a troubled background including family difficulties from an early age and had started to take heroin at an early age.
    • With these voluptuous gifts have come difficult, troubled lives.
    • Caroline does not reciprocate his feelings, tolerating Noah at best, too concerned with her own family problems to befriend a troubled white boy.
    • Why a wave of delayed hurricanes is just the latest in a string of problems for our troubled space agency.
    • In many ways, he was the right person to take the troubled city through a difficult time caused by a major economic downturn.