Traducción de truce en Español:


tregua, n.

Pronunciación /trus//truːs/


  • 1

    tregua femenino
    to break a truce romper una tregua
    • to call a truce suspender las hostilidades
    • There have been truces, temporary remissions, and zones of peace - but so long as anarchy prevails, there can be no end to the possibility of war.
    • Gangs make alliances, keep delicate truces or live as sworn enemies with each other.
    • They are relatively united behind the current policy - but essentially it's a fragile truce.
    • Before she married on her 21st birthday, she negotiated over a hundred treaties, truces and allegiances.
    • Peacekeeping operations are designed to monitor and facilitate implementation of existing truces or cease-fires and support diplomatic efforts to reach long-term political settlements.
    • But then the truce is broken and one of the villagers may have to venture out of the community and into the outside world.
    • No Greek state was allowed to fight during the truces proclaimed for the celebration of the Olympic and other Panhellenic Games.
    • Even when some of his friends recognised the peace as only a truce he remained cheerfully confident that it would be lasting.
    • Civil war continued, punctuated by innumerable truces and lulls.
    • The narrative sources in particular are full of accounts of embassies and special meetings to arrange truces or conclude peace between warring bands.
    • There would be no truces or peace treaties, no draws.
    • There were negotiations and truces and still more fighting.
    • This treaty was a temporary truce in the Anglo-French conflict in India and North America.
    • Unilateral truces never work and we have ample history to prove that.
    • However, the nature of war is changing, and the types of wars that are now being fought could be influenced by international pressure to declare regular truces.
    • Both sides accuse each other of violating the truce agreement signed last year.
    • He may be hardening to win over militants who have balked at formalising a de facto truce.
    • The government ordered its troops to crush the rebels after they walked out of a peace process and broke a truce last month.
    • Conflict was punctuated by several truces and by full peace between 1360 and 1369.
    • While this war has not ended, until quite recently a reasonable truce prevailed.