Traducción de trusting en Español:


confiado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtrʌstɪŋ//ˈtrəstɪŋ/


  • 1

    (person) confiado
    (relationship) de confianza
    • Your identity gets used for someone to send personal e-mail to scores of trusting, unsuspecting souls.
    • It means to them, on some level, that this person is ‘family’ and they are more trusting of them.
    • Words and thoughts spill out with a trusting honesty.
    • He had standards, but he was the most trusting of comedians.
    • They kindly allowed me to pay at a later date though, which was very trusting of them.
    • Bold's door was open during lunch, as she is very trusting of her students.
    • I will be more observant of how women act around me and be more trusting of my senses.
    • He looked like a child, and a very trusting and innocent one, at that.
    • Progress can't be stopped, but the community has changed with people less trusting of their neighbours.
    • Even if they hadn't secured their possessions, no one local would steal from them; they lived in a trusting community that had no interest in their technology.
    • He could not bear the thought of her in another man's arms; those sweet lips, that tender smile, that trusting, almost innocent gaze.
    • They are losing faith in democracy, are increasingly disillusioned with the opposition, but at the same time, appear to be more trusting of the government.
    • Needless to say, I am now careful to be a little more trusting of my memory and little less trusting of machines.
    • I think what's happened has made me less trusting of men.
    • Grace glanced towards the door then lifted her pale eyes, so full of their trusting innocence, to meet his before taking a step closer.
    • Because of that, she isn't very trusting of people, and she refuses to get too close to anyone anymore.
    • Most polls show that the public is more trusting of military officers than lawyers or congressmen.
    • Some are more suspicious and some more trusting.
    • She wasn't the trusting sort, and the open honesty made her a little nervous.
    • His trusting management style, and his genial manner, were no longer admired.