Traducción de trustworthy en Español:


digno de confianza, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtrəs(t)ˌwərði//ˈtrʌs(t)wəːði/


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    (child/colleague) digno de confianza
    (account/witness) fidedigno
    • Trust is in truth unlikely to be restored for so long as politicians try and prove that one side is more honest and trustworthy than the other.
    • The groups change every few sessions and they're very open and trustworthy.
    • They know that they will have to vote for the most trustworthy person if they want to maximize their own interests.
    • The first thing that he needed was a trustworthy driver, who could be relied on to stay sober.
    • He's very trustworthy, he's honest and he's much braver than I am, as a gamekeeper he has to be.
    • He was honest and trustworthy and drove for a fixed fare set by the hotel.
    • Once employed, I class myself as a trustworthy and reliable person, despite the fact I have a back problem.
    • Do they have a trustworthy neighbour they can ring if they get into difficulties and a number to contact you at work?
    • The officer said the defendant had expressed himself as somebody who was trustworthy, very reliable and keen.
    • You prefer to describe yourself as dependable, honest, practical and trustworthy.
    • As you will understand I am putting all my trust on your trustworthy and honest character.
    • A caring neighbour both honest and trustworthy, he loved the affairs of the day.
    • The Siberian Husky loves children and its reliable temperament makes it trustworthy.
    • He is completely honest and trustworthy, and his record of service to his patients is second to none.
    • I would like to think they would say I am trustworthy, helpful and reliable.
    • I think language is one of the many ways we learn to identify those who are trustworthy and loyal to us.
    • Both of them have shown a tendency to distort the truth, and so neither is trustworthy.
    • By being honest and trustworthy, you are marketing yourself to prospective customers.
    • He looks very professional and trustworthy, and I hope things work out for him.
    • The impression that he gave me was that he was a very honest and trustworthy young man.