Traducción de truth en Español:


verdad, n.

Pronunciación /truθ//truːθ/

nombrePlural truths

  • 1

    (quality, condition)
    verdad femenino
    (of account, story) veracidad femenino
    is there any truth in the story? ¿hay algo de verdad en esa historia?
    • there is some truth in what he says hay parte de verdad en lo que dice
    • I doubt the truth of his statement dudo de la veracidad de su declaración
    • his theory may not be so far from the truth puede que su teoría no ande muy desencaminada
    • the truth is that … la verdad es que …
    • tell me the truth dime la verdad
    • to tell (you) the truth, I don't know si quieres que te diga la verdad, no lo sé
    • in truth, it must be said that … hay que reconocer que …
    • There may turn out to be some truth to this, but it's far too early to apportion blame.
    • My research showed that this stereotype once had some truth but is now no longer true.
    • He laughs at that, but you can't help thinking there is an element of truth in that suggestion.
    • Even true stories do not display the whole truth - just a version or perception of it.
    • We are not going to make any progress on this until we get some truth and transparency about what's going on.
    • As Mark Twain once said, " Why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction?
    • A close examination of what he has achieved suggests there is some truth in it.
    • However, when one digs deeper, the uncomfortable truth lies not far below the surface.
    • Perhaps there is some truth in that old adage about good things coming to those who wait!
    • It will say that truth and honesty were the basic disciplines of scientists such as Jones.
    • Journalists have one thing in common with historians, a residual obligation to truth.
    • You tell that lie to thousands and keep telling it, and soon enough it becomes accepted as truth.
    • Without some kind of guide for distinguishing truth from falsehood, we are lost.
    • She may have been exaggerating some, but I'm afraid there's a lot of truth in what she said.
    • The report went on to say there was no truth in the rumour.
    • There is some truth in the old saying that there is a small child in each of us only waiting to get out to play.
    • From it beginnings this government has had a tenuous relationship with truth.
    • I think there may be an element of truth to that, but I also think it goes slightly deeper than that.
    • Big business acts on a different scale of honesty, morality and truth to we mere mortals.
    • Synthesis is useful and unavoidable - but it is still a true story and not the whole truth.
  • 2

    verdad femenino
    I could tell you a few truths about … te podría decir unas cuantas verdades acerca de …
    • Taken at face value it might seem quite a silly idea but in fact it was based on some fundamental truths.
    • It does, however, go without saying that general principles are by no means universal truths.
    • It needs repeating over and over again and eventually truths like these might start getting through.
    • Perhaps in that book I'm trying to make the point that there can be no truths.
    • It is also at least arguable that scientific truths are by their very nature provisional.
    • Here is an understanding of how we can move from absolute truths to a confidence in our own uncertain wisdom.
    • Here he makes a most valid distinction in relation to local truths and perceptions.
    • The timeless truths about life and love are far too matter of fact to make this film worth watching.
    • While churches differ on some doctrine, there are basic truths upon which we agree.
    • The programmes gave us a chance to question accepted truths, while allowing us to wallow in a bit of nostalgia.
    • There are no shared truths, everything is a personal statement, a point of view, an attitude.
    • One of the great accepted truths which shapes our existence is the fact that nothing lasts forever.
    • We western liberals take it as an article of faith that facts and truths trump everything.
    • The idea that one can arrive at reliable truths by pure reason is simply obsolete.
    • There are some unshakable truths in the world which just cannot be changed.
    • The text is concerned, essentially, with establishing truths that can be relied upon.
    • You face truths and facts in personal and professional situations to gain clarity.
    • At such a tender age this kid is demonstrating he has already learned the two fundamental truths of life.
    • If there are no conceptual truths, there are no conceptual analyses either.
    • If we cannot trust such minds to discover truths about the world, how can we accept the verities of science?