Traducción de tuning fork en Español:

tuning fork

diapasón, n.


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    diapasón masculino
    • Each tuning fork is fitted with a weighted reed which bounces when the tuning fork vibrates.
    • Some of his works contain images of tuning forks with halo-like parallel lines radiating off the two prongs.
    • In the Weber test, the tuning fork is struck and placed on the midline of the forehead, the nasal bridge, or the chin.
    • A tuning fork's pitch depends on the size of its tines.
    • A sound that is close to this is the hollow sound of a tuning fork.
    • Functioning like tuning forks, the stones vibrate or relay the EM world frequency.
    • Other resonant devices like chimes, tuning forks and gongs are utilized by professionals.
    • Formal audiography is more sensitive and specific than a tuning fork examination and thus is essential in most patients with hearing loss.
    • I lay on her couch and marvelled at the effect a humble tuning fork in F sharp could have on one's mental equilibrium.
    • The other day, I went to buy a coffee grinder, and came back with a piano tuning fork.
    • In Rinne's test you strike the tuning fork and hold it against the outcrop of bone immediately behind the ear until you can't hear it anymore.
    • But this is no simple relationship, like that of a vibrating tuning fork touched to your dining room table.
    • Practitioners of sound healing use tuning forks, electronically produced music, drumming and chanting to affect body functions and alter mood.
    • The sound resonated through the room like a tuning fork.
    • Her paintings project a fragility and an overall resonance that I can only compare to a perfectly hit note on a tuning fork.
    • It is this essay that, when struck as if a tuning fork, vibrates through all the other essays.
    • This phenomenon is similar to the vibrations that can be produced in a tuning fork when it is struck by sound waves.
    • One memorable puzzle involves adjusting the pitch of four tuning forks.
    • The key to understanding Riemann's ideas is to explore why a tuning fork, a violin and a clarinet sound very different, even when they are all playing an A, say.
    • No other country in the world can hold a tuning fork to German music.