Traducción de tunnel en Español:


túnel, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtʌn(ə)l//ˈtənl/


  • 1

    (for road, railway, canal) túnel masculino
    (in mine) galería femenino
    (in mine) socavón masculino
    • There are deep gashes in the roads; some are still blocked by landslides and a major road tunnel to the town has collapsed.
    • The winning consortium is likely also to take over the running of the Dartford tunnel and road bridge that carries the M25 over the Thames east of London.
    • A Swindon engineering company is taking a lead role in the design of a road tunnel beneath 5,000-year-old Stonehenge.
    • He conceded, however, that the toll might cause people to avoid the tunnel and use local roads instead.
    • Local villagers cut a tunnel road through the mountain and named it Guoliang Cave.
    • Authorities abroad are increasingly opting for road tunnels.
    • A bank of trees here or a cycleway there makes no odds if you're building two major new roads and a massive tunnel.
    • Drivers must now call the police immediately if their vehicles break down on elevated roads, tunnels and bridges across the Huangpu River.
    • The Limerick South Ring Road, including the tunnel, will allow traffic to bypass Limerick city by linking the Docks Road with the Ennis Road.
    • Detective Constable Ian Thornton and PC Kim Wandless tracked Wood down to a tunnel under King's Road and he was arrested.
    • New roads and tunnels have been built and public transport modernised.
    • Whilst Alpine road and rail tunnels and the Channel tunnel have made travel between some of Europe's nations easier, physical and cultural barriers remain.
    • We have a toll road here that goes through a tunnel under the river.
    • Norway is home to the longest and the deepest road tunnels in the world.
    • They are building a road tunnel through the area.
    • A tunnel has been built leading to the new underground ‘bat hotel’, which has tiered accommodation from which bats can hang.
    • As I went into the tunnel at Finchley Road I switched off all the interior lights.
    • A tunnel closed and the road was down to two lanes.
    • The Faroese also boast some spectacular road tunnels, but they're not so excited about these feats of engineering that they feel obliged to name them after people.
    • I hope the tunnels and more roads will change the situation so I can have a car soon.

verbo intransitivotunnelled, tunnelling, tunneling, tunneled

  • 1

    abrir un túnel
    hacer un túnel

verbo transitivotunnelled, tunnelling, tunneling, tunneled

  • 1

    (passage) abrir
    they tunneled their way out of prison escaparon de la cárcel abriendo / haciendo un túnel
    • Marauding badgers are again tunnelling under a pre-school.
    • Gophers tunnel through the ground to eat tender bulbs and shoots.
    • Electric transport tunnelled underground as well as overground: the first ‘tube’ was built in London in 1887-90.
    • The machine for tunnelling the underground section will be imported from either Japan, Germany or the United Kingdom.
    • The snow was so thick, he was able to tunnel through it without it collapsing on him until he started clearing the hood.
    • In recent years, badgers have tunnelled into 52 ancient monuments on Salisbury Plain.
    • Ancient burial sites across Salisbury Plain could soon be fenced off to prevent badgers from tunnelling through the archaeology.
    • A tube approximately 24 inches in length is tunneled under the skin into the peritoneum.
    • Rescuers tunnelled into the wreckage taking great care to prevent further collapses.
    • The catheter is tunneled under the skin and enters a large vein and then is threaded into the superior vena cava.
    • Mr Harris revealed that, despite the ban, he had been part of a group that continued tunnelling through an undiscovered route nicknamed George.
    • He's got a nice big backyard to roam through, with ivy to tunnel through and a couple of dirt patches to dig in.
    • Termites are usually happy to tunnel through a sand-filled tube, but when a layer of sand soaked in catnip oil is present it stops them dead in their tracks.
    • A week of tramping for miles underground and sleeping in limestone catacombs tunneled out by sulfuric acid is not everyone's idea of happy camping.
    • They look to tunnel through corporate networks through mass emails.
    • Mr Hutton had suggested tunnelling through Bradford, but this would prove too costly, especially as Bradford Beck would have to be diverted.
    • The weevil's eggs are deposited inside the banana tissue and once hatched, they tunnel through the corm for feeding and growth.
    • These grubs create straight, narrow mines as they tunnel into the leaves, followed by larger, brown or yellow blisters as they grow and feed inside the foliage.
    • If you tunnel underground and travel in a straight line, you cover less distance.
    • The site is dangerous and our concern is that they are not experts in tunnelling and we are genuinely concerned about their safety.