Traducción de Turkish coffee en Español:

Turkish coffee

café turco, n.


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    café turco masculino
    • I am often asked how to make Turkish coffee,.
    • He could sit down with him for a glass of brandy or a cup of Turkish coffee.
    • Bulgarians like to drink strong espresso and Turkish coffee.
    • They drink lots of strong black Turkish coffee.
    • This dessert should always be accompanied by a bitter cup of Turkish coffee or tea with mint.
    • Albanians enjoy Turkish coffee or Albanian coffee, Albanian whiskey and wine.
    • You can sip a Turkish coffee or a Tunisian mint tea in the Place de la Victoire.
    • It's not anything special like Turkish coffee, just freshly brewed, high quality filter coffee.
    • A typical Greek breakfast consists of a piece of bread, some goat milk and strong Turkish coffee.
    • In one corner there is an Ottoman style couch, where diners may retire to drink Turkish coffee after the meal.
    • After a late supper and ladles of Turkish coffee, Jure took us up the tower.
    • Small cups of black Turkish coffee were set out on a low table.
    • As we sat down to cups of strong Turkish coffee, a middle-aged man, clearly the head of the family, joined us.
    • The Bay Tree's clientele ranges from young families to wiry old men sipping cups of strong Turkish coffee.
    • They stopped in cafés for Turkish coffee and marzipan.
    • He brings out Turkish coffee and chocolate-chip cookies.
    • These coffee houses remain a purely men's space where they drink traditional Turkish coffee and play backgammon and chat about politics.
    • Men sit for hours in all-male tea houses drinking tea or Turkish coffee.
    • Over Turkish coffee on the terrace at Amman's Four Seasons Hotel, he issued a dire warning.
    • The old town is full of Turkish coffee houses and local bars and restaurants.