Traducción de turn signal en Español:

turn signal

intermitente, n.



  • 1

    intermitente masculino
    direccional femenino México Colombia
    señalizador (de viraje) masculino Chile
    • I silently agreed with my big drummer friend as I hit the turn signal and scouted for a good parking space.
    • I turn on the left turn signal, glance over my shoulder, pull onto the interstate, and accelerate, slowly, slowly, slowly to a reckless speed.
    • Some cars aren't completely legal, missing turn signals, headlights, and even license plates.
    • I hate it when people driving brand new vehicles never use a turn signal.
    • Some mirrors incorporate turn signals, some have approach lights on the bottom, while others incorporate power folding features.
    • The anticipation of the actions of the tractor trailer were made more complicated by the absence of any turn signal.
    • I'm sure there will come a time when even I will realize it's time to flick on that turn signal.
    • Be more meticulous about using turn signals, so that other drivers know your intentions.
    • Cars jamming the streets have LED turn signals, brake lights, and dashboard displays.
    • It is just like some guy driving and he didn't use his turn signal.
    • Found in this comprehensive online store, are high beam, superior quality Jeep headlights, Jeep fog lights, Jeep taillight and Jeep turn signal.
    • He flipped on his turn signal and turned into a parking lot designated Senior Lot.
    • I'm pushing the radio buttons and the turn signal anyway.
    • When driving, I would pull onto the street in the wrong direction and turn on the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal.
    • His fears quickly diminished as he spotted her in the rearview mirror flashing her right turn signal and pulling into the parking lot.
    • If, for example, the driver changes lanes without using the turn signal, a visual cue is displayed and a haptic device in the driver's seat is activated.
    • He turned on his turn signal and stopped at a red light.
    • You'd assume that if there was no turn signal, the car would be going straight.
    • Do not hang your helmet on the sissy bar, turn signals or worst on the bike's mirror.
    • When I tried to make a lane change, using the turn signal, a yellow warning light flashed in the side-view mirror, providing a clear indication that a vehicle was present.