Traducción de turning circle en Español:

turning circle

radio de giro, n.


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    radio de giro masculino
    • The turning circle means every mini roundabout becomes a three-point turn.
    • Poor turning circle can make parking and city driving difficult
    • A kerb-to-kerb turning circle of 9.8m makes it ideal for use around town.
    • It corners much better than I expected, and the turning circle is surprisingly good.
    • Apart from a poor turning circle there's little to criticise physically, but running costs are high owing to a fairly thirsty engine.
    • The steering is light and wieldy for parking, and the turning circle must be nearly as tight as a black cab's.
    • The submitted plans include a car park - including a turning circle for buses, 2 metre-high mesh fencing and floodlights.
    • Tight turning circle and ease of driving are positive features for the Hijet, and a three-year warranty on the LPG models within the range should inspire further confidence.
    • The car also suffered from a poor turning circle: particularly obvious when trying to park.
    • He said because of the poor turning circle he had crashed into the bus.
    • A 10.4m turning circle, assisted by power steering, makes for easy driving around town.
    • It has the turning circle of a JCB and the acceleration to match.
    • And if I take the wrong road the car has such a tiny turning circle I can do a quick U-turn and head back the other way.
    • The turning circle, however, was on the wide side and the car, even for a sporty driver, was rather noisy.
    • With 4WD engaged, the Pajero is much more stable and the central differential means there is no adverse effect on are respectable and the turning circle surprisingly neat.
    • True, the turning circle is terrible but that is the only real snag.
    • A tight turning circle makes the car easy to park.
    • Perhaps most surprising, the turning circle is tight enough to tackle a u-turn on a mini roundabout in one smooth sweep.