Traducción de turnstile en Español:


torniquete, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtərnˌstaɪl//ˈtəːnstʌɪl/


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    torniquete masculino
    molinete masculino Río de la Plata
    • Problems with their turnstiles Rangers may have had yesterday, but sending Dundee into a spin present no obvious difficulties.
    • Fewer people through the turnstiles means less money to spend on players, leading to poorer performances and results, and yet lower crowds.
    • An estimated 150,000 commuters passed through its turnstiles every day, many of them on their way to work on Wall Street.
    • The United supporters arrived and broke down the turnstiles - there were 11,000 in the ground when we stopped counting.
    • About 100,000 people are expected to pass through the turnstiles before the event finishes on Thursday evening.
    • I pass the ‘Serious Assault’ sign to enter the tube station, grabbing a paper as I reach the turnstiles.
    • My colleague spotted him right away, heading through the turnstiles at the train station.
    • When we got to the turnstiles, I discovered what my presence on the night was worth to the home team…
    • The club will be selling tickets to alleviate congestion on the turnstiles and once again the ground will be segregated into four different areas.
    • Just 20 months ago Vanessa Hodkinson could not fit into airline seats or get through turnstiles, let alone sit in a cinema seat.
    • The idiots had reckoned on half a million turning up every year, but in 2004 only 30,000 went through the turnstiles.
    • For this season's league games, the Bootham Crescent turnstiles click, on average, a mere 2,600 times.
    • I got there in plenty of time. Queues were snaking through the turnstiles and I have to admit that I was getting some funny looks.
    • At the local football club the floodlights, turnstiles, ticket machines and showers in the changing rooms are all linked to the sun.
    • There are two queues for the turnstiles at gate three, one from the north and one from the south.
    • An acoustic bass struggles to pass through the turnstile.
    • Home fans in that area will only be allowed to use turnstiles W3 to W10 and must buy their tickets in advance.
    • An usher had approached her and offered her a free pass through the turnstile for $100.
    • New turnstiles with counters will be installed at O'Moore Park in the near future.
    • Not only had admission prices soared to 20 euros but you couldn't get anywhere near the turnstiles to pay.