Traducción de turps en Español:


Pronunciación /tərps//təːps/



  • 1

    • The night Vine painted her now infamous Diana painting, the air was thick with the smell of turps, linseed oil and paint.
    • Ms Hood had a shaky start to her artistic career when she developed an allergy to turps.
    • After manipulating the digital image, Coderre then begins drawing the subject, or picture as he likes to call it, in oil pastel, wiping it away with turps, building up layer upon transparent layer.
    • I've tasted bad coffee, but never anything that actually tasted of turps.
    • I'm not sure if I need more turps, I'll have to check.
    • Her eyes challenged me, potent, like a peregrine falcon's, but the beguiling scent of turps and linseed oil drew me to her canvas.
    • Almost complete, Honister dominates a studio where massive brushes await the maestro's stroke and heavy smells of linseed oil and turps fill the still hot afternoon air.
    • He works mainly in oils diluted with turps, sensuously creaming paint on to the canvas.
    • ‘You must have drunk a lot of orange juice,’ he said, implying I would have been safer with turps.
    • Or he had rubbed against something like turps, or even been maliciously splashed with it.