Traducción de Tuscan en Español:


toscano, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtəskən//ˈtʌsk(ə)n/


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    • Two extraordinary vendors in the Central Market in Florence will mail order authentic Tuscan foods directly from their stands.
    • Starters include warm chicken salad, prawn cocktail, smoked salmon and a Tuscan roll with pesto and mozzarella.
    • From a distance, it resembles a Tuscan village.
    • Along the Ligurian and Tuscan coast, Italian street vendors sell scrumptious chickpea-flour pancakes called farinate, fried in a wide pan.
    • Besides foreign corresponding members, about half were local Tuscan patricians or nobles, and half were non-nobles.
    • The Medicis were responsible for building or renovating a number of splendid Tuscan villas and palaces and their remarkably innovative gardens.
    • Of the four books or trattati of the Convivio the first is largely a defense of Dante's decision to write his prose commentaries, as well as the poems they expound, in the Tuscan vernacular rather than in Latin.
    • As part of the Tuscan experience, holidaymakers will also be given the opportunity to take Italian lessons and to cook traditional Tuscan dishes.
    • Other well-known kinds of pecorino include: • Pecorino delle Crete Senesi, a famous Tuscan variety, with an aromatic flavour derived from the presence of wormwood in the pastures.
    • The wines themselves are standard Tuscan products: Sangiovese with Canaiolo and/or white grapes for the reds; Trebbiano (known locally as Procanico) for the whites.
    • Recent changes in the Italian market may mean better prices for Tuscan wines, though.
    • The Tuscan seaport of Piombino, at the south end of a peninsula in the Ligurian Sea, is the nearest point on the mainland to Elba.
    • Ok, as you know, I like some fresh tomatoes, olive oil and garlic layered on some toasted coarse Tuscan bread as much as the next man.
    • ‘We chose hand-selected Tuscan stone for the floors - a stone that's somewhere between sandstone and limestone,’ Johnson says.
    • This Tuscan Italian bistro has an intimate and cozy atmosphere, of this there is no doubt.
    • I was in Italy and I wanted to paint one of the little churches in the Tuscan hills.
    • I am a British subject, but now I am a proud citizen of this Tuscan village.
    • He has a penthouse in Chelsea, a beach club on the Tuscan coast and a private jet.
    • By opening our eyes to the crucial role the city's artists played in the transition from medieval to early renaissance Tuscan art, this major exhibition does just that.
    • This is a classic Italian dessert that is also known as the Tuscan trifle.