Traducción de tussle en Español:


pelea, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtʌs(ə)l//ˈtəsəl/


  • 1

    pelea femenino
    lucha femenino
    to have a tussle (verbally) pelearse

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (verbally) pelearse
    (verbally) discutir
    to tussle (with sb) (for/over sth) pelearse (con algn) (por algo)
    • As Canada continued to lead and Australia and Germany tussled, a new challenge was developing over in lane 5.
    • Macedonian and ethnic Albanian politicians tussled over future policing at talks yesterday as the government and rebels accused each other of violating a truce.
    • In heat two, Poland and the Czech Republic tussled for the top spot.
    • They tussled and screamed right in the middle of the cafeteria, everyone was completely silent.
    • The jockeying of the past few months, as they tussled over the top job and sized each other across the Cabinet table, was only the last act of rift that had opened up over many years.
    • Blood dripped from somewhere - neither of them knew where - onto the floor and drops of it flew like sparks from a fire as the two tussled fiercely.
    • The only thing that surprised me bearing in mind the previous night's tales was that I couldn't hear the wildlife crashing around in the trees as they tussled for a vantage point from which to ambush me.
    • Boys tussled in the branches above her, shaking leaves down upon her.
    • Recent fears that something between the gangs was brewing came to light about a month ago when associates of the opposing gangs tussled in central Rotorua.
    • Behind them Great Britain, Ukraine and the Netherlands tussled for the final two spots.
    • With both chip makers already tussling for those all-important hard-to-see-on-TV car-component sponsorship spaces, they are now attempting to outdo each other in the car design arena.
    • But despite his injuries, he tussled with the man for several minutes before finally letting him out of his shop when he threatened to kill him.
    • He got a black eye tussling under the boards with Shaquille O'Neal in a rousing win against the Lakers, snapping Los Angeles' 19-game winning streak.
    • A Tullow woman tussled violently with her attackers as they attempted to steal her handbag before they dragged her along the road until she smacked her head off a lamp-post.
    • They tussled on the floor, an oddly muted fight as they were both trying to shield the book from damage.
    • Later, show host Miller said he had feared there would be injuries as the two men tussled.
    • They tussled in the dirt for a while, Pyre reckoned she was winning.
    • With muffled thuds and a yelp, Ace and the thief tussled on the floor.
    • For most of the last century musicians, conductors and scholars have tussled over the best way to deal with the sketches Mahler left behind when he died in 1910.
    • The Czech Republic slipped into second while Australia, Ireland and Austria tussled for third.