Traducción de twee en Español:


cursi, adj.

Pronunciación /twiː//twi/



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    • Cosy can mean both warm and comforting or irritatingly twee and conventional, even sentimental and kitsch: the German gemtlich.
    • But don't assume that open wood and peat-burning fires translate into twee and chintzy cosiness.
    • The one ride I know that is incredibly twee and sweet is called ‘Its a Small World’.
    • However I'm conscious of not wanting to sound twee, and I'd been practicing every night so I felt really prepared to do my own thing.
    • Not all of them will convert into nice twee homes.
    • The restaurant is spacious and pretty without being twee and the adjoining low-ceilinged pub is comfy, cosy and welcoming.
    • It felt twee and tried to be overly sentimental which didn't work because I didn't feel any closeness towards any of the characters.
    • It just sounds too twee, too English, too old-fashioned.
    • I thought when I first started the book that this mechanism was going to make it a bit twee, and perhaps repetitive and dull, but this is absolutely not the case.
    • Disturbingly, it's from some twee site devoted to British Sixties culture…
    • I didn't want to make nice, twee little paintings.
    • The presumption people have when they see a toile is that it's going to be full of shepherdesses leading sheep up garden paths and they expect it to be rather on the twee side.
    • The designs are quirky and the techniques innovative, distinguishing them from the twee associations that craft and knitwear often suffer from.
    • ‘It is the the most twee and vulgar thing I have ever seen in my life,’ he said.
    • By another strange twist of fortune, sweets seem to be creeping up - market again with the recent flowering of twee shops on heritage high streets.
    • I mean, come on: this was going to be some insufferably twee tale about the friendship between two feisty old biddies.
    • Structure-wise it's incredibly flawed, the climax is rushed, the middle is confused, and the beginning is painfully twee.
    • There is a clear affinity between actor and character that spills over into the sunny nature of a film that could so easily have seemed twee or sugar-coated.
    • It's this cavalcade of architectural styles, all stopping around 1850, that the critics deride for being twee.
    • The shops are twee and cute and sell a million varieties of soap; you could browse for a lifetime upgrading your T-shirt collection.