Traducción de tweet en español:


gorjeo, n.

Pronunciación: /twit//twiːt/


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    (bird sound)
    gorjeo masculino
    pío (pío) masculino
    • The tweet of a bird sounded by and Terika's eyes welled up with frightened tears.
    • And later still, when I ambled around the estates, listening to the sweet tweet of the birds and the occasional joy-rider, there was no nip in the air.
    • While the next Great Backyard Bird Count is ten months away, now is a fine time for novices to get outside and figure out the source of all those jubilant chirps, tweets, and whistles that fill the spring air.
    • Not a single warble, tweet, or chirp can be heard - nothing but the faint buzz of insects, the passing hum of a distant airplane, and the hushed rustle of the wind.
    • The melodious chirps, chirrups, tweets, twitters and warbling notes from the winged visitors blend well with the incessant hum, buzz and drone of innumerable insects, to produce the effect of being inside a vast forest.
    • The gentle tweet of a bird can be heard and your bones sing with the effortless music of its voice.
    • Yet, this area failed to similarly activate when the animals heard a variety of other sounds - bells, tones, dog barks, bird tweets, a human voice, scrambled monkey calls, etc.
    • One blackbird wearing an orange beak sat on a branch and made a faint noise like a rubber duck with its whistle full of pudding, a tweet with the edges rubbed smooth.
    • On our traveling, there was silence, except for the occasional tweets of birds and the soft blow of the wind.
    • The chirp and tweet of the feathery creatures greet one as one nears this market beyond Laad Bazar.
    • State Representative Charles A. Murphy, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has some of the best tweets.
    • We will check on some of the tweets.
    • She is receiving tweets from all over the world about the president's speech.
    • They'll tell you all you need to know: realtime is a stream of tweets.
    • I may even initiate my own (hopefully) informative or amusing tweets.
    • I'm going to show you some tweets now.
    • Similarly, I have to remind myself: Tweets are not email.
    • We'll keep taking your phone calls and a little more than 15 minutes for your tweets as I have been told they are called and your phone calls.
    • Having someone write your blogs and tweets can be dangerous unless you are honest about it.
    • Let's look at a couple of tweets, if we can.
    • John Duncan, Britain's Twittering ambassador for multilateral arms control and disarmament, says he uses tweets to talk to experts and journalists interested in non-proliferation issues.
    • Tweets are created by fans of the programme, a move that was given the green light by AMC.
    • A couple of tweets already coming in from that rather confrontational interview we did moments ago with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.
    • I'd love to be there, but I get the tweets and the texts, and everyone keeps me informed.
    • This is not the first time that Mrs Bercow's "tweets" have raised eyebrows.
    • Outgoing chief Jonathan Schwartz announced his farewell with a haiku tweet.
    • She didn't bring up his tweets, unfortunately.
    • Personally, I'm into the music and arts scene, so I limit my "tweets" to events I feel worth sharing with friends who care.
    • The impact of the news was especially dramatic online, with 30 per cent of Twitter's activity featuring tweets about the star.
    • The actress is a self- proclaimed Twitter addict and has posted over 2,000 tweets since joining Twitter just a few months ago.
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    (in social networking)
    tuit masculino

verbo intransitivo

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    (to make a sound)
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    (in social networking)
    twittear América Latina