Traducción de tweezers en Español:


pinza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtwiːzəz//ˈtwizərz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    pinza femenino
    pinzas femenino
    a pair of tweezers una(s) pinza(s)
    • Pluck any hairs outside this line using tweezers with slanted ends, and always use a magnifying mirror so you don't pinch the skin, or miss any errant hairs.
    • Adam picked up a pair of tweezers from the first aid kit and carefully removed the offending shard.
    • These needles are so small she has to handle them with tweezers and can locate stray ones only with a powerful magnet.
    • Whole ranges of razors and waxes and tweezers for every part of the body are fine too because just about every female removes body hair, in varying amounts.
    • She's bringing my tweezers so I can pluck my eyebrows on the way there.
    • That is just what we did, for when the needle grew red I plucked it from the fire using tweezers, and dropped it into a scrap of thick leather.
    • Pick out any small bones left in the salmon with tweezers.
    • Also keep in mind that you're trimming your hair, not plucking it, so don't use tweezers.
    • Taking a pair of tweezers, Morgan carefully picked out the small pieces of cloth that were in the front of the bullet hole before going deeper to the bullet still lodged in his shoulder.
    • Numerous methods are used for epilation, from tweezers to devices that pluck several hairs at once.
    • Shards of the delicate ultra-pure tiles were being picked up with tweezers at the crash site on Thursday.
    • If you have strays within your bikini line, you can pluck them with tweezers or trim them very carefully with scissors.
    • When necessary, fragmented samples were picked with tweezers from a sieve under a binocular light microscope.
    • He turned his head the other way to look at the other side and started plucking away with the tweezers.
    • You can use tweezers or brush them up and trim the really long hairs with a pair of tiny scissors (this is good for curly brows).
    • If you plan to ride the trails, bring tweezers to pick out thorns and a snake bite kit/compression bandage.
    • Carving knives, forks, metal nail files and tweezers are better left at home.
    • If the hair remains attached to the follicle, clean the area and use tweezers or a razor to shave it off.
    • Now, put down those tweezers and forget about eyebrows that look like they're penciled in.
    • To punctuate his statement, he yanked the last offending hair out and set the tweezers down on his dresser.