Traducción de twice en Español:


dos veces, adv.

Pronunciación /twaɪs//twʌɪs/


  • 1

    (two times)
    dos veces
    twice a week/month/year dos veces por semana/mes/año
    • I'd think twice before doing it (me) lo pensaría dos veces / muy bien antes de hacerlo
    • she didn't have to be told twice no hubo que repetírselo
    • the twice-weekly meetings las reuniones, que tienen lugar dos veces por semana
    • Only twice in the space of the past two months have they emerged victorious by more than a single goal.
    • I wouldn't look twice at a young man who still lived at home in his early twenties.
    • He had twice had injections of local anaesthetic because it had become so painful.
    • Two students who went to her aid were shot - one in the leg, the other twice in the stomach.
    • He said he had confided that he was hearing voices, and had woken twice at night screaming.
    • He sits down only twice, and takes very occasional sips from a single glass of water.
    • Arthur had also been telephoning Violet at least twice a week for over twelve months.
    • It took over six weeks and twice daily nursing care to heal the wound, but it did eventually heal.
    • Lili worked as a translator, married twice and has a daughter who lives in America.
    • One good thing about owning a boutique is that twice a year we get to go on buying sprees in London and Paris.
    • I was unlucky enough to have my car broken into twice and badly damaged over the same weekend.
    • The captain, who had twice refused to take off, eventually said he was going to fly.
    • Barrett had long been suspected of the murder and had been questioned about it at least twice.
    • The bathroom towels would probably get changed twice a year, along with the clocks.
    • Mr Fear, a tree surgeon, takes the children to work on the allotment at least twice a week.
    • One of the students was punched and kicked to the ground and the other was stabbed twice in the chest.
    • To come back against Celtic twice speaks volumes about my team and their commitment.
    • Be sure to clean out and fill the bird bath with fresh water twice a week in hot weather.
    • He married twice, the second time to a Brazilian girl he met while filming in the country.
    • He won twice at Darley Moor and on several occasions he has picked up the first novice award.
  • 2

    twice three is six dos por tres es (igual a) seis
    • I've got twice as many as you yo tengo el doble que tú
    • she has twice the amount she needs tiene el doble de lo que necesita
    • he's twice your age/height te dobla en edad/altura