Traducción de twin-lens en Español:


de doble lente, adj.

Pronunciación /twɪnˈlɛnz//twɪnˈlɛnz/


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    de doble lente
    • For the most part they were taken by Halsman using a large-format, twin-lens reflex camera of his own design that facilitated quiet, rapid exposures and produced sharp, high-quality images.
    • Davis favors the twin-lens reflex camera often preferred by archeologists, which produces a generous, 2 1/4-inch square negative.
    • Vivan the child is seated on his grandfather's lap holding a twin-lens reflex camera.
    • It started when I stumbled over a group of photographer's websites demonstrating the use of the Russian ‘Lubitel’ cheap reproduction of an old fashioned Voigtlander twin-lens medium format roll film camera.
    • I got the message, and instead came back with my old twin-lens Rolleiflex to take pictures.