Traducción de twine en Español:


cordel, n.

Pronunciación /twaɪn//twʌɪn/


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    cordel masculino
    bramante masculino España
    cáñamo masculino Andes
    piolín masculino Río de la Plata
    mecate masculino México América Central Venezuela
    lienza femenino Chile
    • I also got a ball of hemp twine for the garden and a wooden washing up brush with replaceable real bristle heads.
    • We used to carry baked goods home in pink boxes tied with string, and our mail often came held together with twine.
    • Secure these with a raffia, string or green gardener's twine bow, before filling with your chosen arrangement.
    • Ask him also for fine string or twine to tie up the meat.
    • A good fisherman weaves his own nets with twine and a needle made of whalebone.
    • Natural hemp twine turns wooden fruits into monochromatic sculptures for a subtle and sophisticated centerpiece.
    • Bo watched the baler start to work, punching out leaf after leaf of what was to be a hay bale held together by twine.
    • The inch diameter 8-foot stakes, set 2 feet apart and leaning to the middle, are lashed together with twine near the top.
    • I learned fun things like carving and the rules you must abide by when using a knife, how to lash things together with twine, and how to fish with nothing but a stick, a hook, some line, and an earthworm.
    • Her works often consist of accumulations of old-fashioned, everyday objects that have been meticulously wrapped in white twine or cotton thread.
    • As she uncomfortably lowered herself onto the chair on the guest side of his desk, he pulled a sheaf of parchment tied together with twine from a desk drawer.
    • Gently wrap the fillets together with caul fat or tie together with butcher's twine.
    • I go back and find some odd things like rope and natural jute twine packaged for the crafts market.
    • If the string is a cotton type, like sisal twine, you can leave it on the ball but remove it from the stem.
    • The poles which make up the trellis walls are linked at the joints by lengths of twine threaded through holes.
    • And all I had to use for a bowstring was some cotton twine.
    • An empty plastic 2 litre bottle is tied to a rock, or bag of stones with strong twine or string.
    • The weighing scales took pride of place on the counter and I was keenly interested on the large coil of twine and stack of brown paper which were used to keep everyone's messages together.
    • String twine or netting between wood poles to create a trellis; for maximum sun, it should run north to south.
    • This twine is now roped with a small thread of cotton, hemp or flax to keep the ends from projecting.

verbo transitivo

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    he twined his arms around her waist le rodeó la cintura con los brazos
    • the ivy has twined itself around the tree la hiedra se ha enroscado alrededor del árbol

verbo intransitivo

to twine around

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    enroscarse alrededor de