Traducción de twinge en Español:


punzada, n.

Pronunciación /twɪn(d)ʒ//twɪndʒ/


  • 1

    (of pain)
    punzada femenino
    puntada femenino Cono Sur
    she felt a twinge of remorse le remordió la conciencia
    • He was extremely gentle with her, and she felt only the smallest twinges of pain as he carried her up the grand stairs towards her rooms.
    • The sharp twinge of pain combined with suddenly rising to his feet must have induced a vasovagal attack.
    • The side of my face gave a sharp twinge of pain, but I pushed that aside.
    • Shortly after the three of us set upon his dorm room to dismantle it, a small but sharp twinge of pain registered just under my left kneecap.
    • It was during Juliet rehearsals in 1955 that Rodgers felt twinges of pain in his left jaw.
    • Then as I began to relax and almost enjoy myself, the twinges and pains started.
    • His battered stomach muscles - constricted from lack of use - sent a sharp twinge of pain skittering across his abdomen.
    • While he was thinking of a way to entertain himself, he suddenly felt a small twinge of pain in his head.
    • Lee laughed aloud, and then held his side, as the laughter caused his side to flare in a sharp twinge of pain.
    • She takes a fiber supplement when she feels the early twinges of abdominal pain.
    • He took some time to examine the still-healing wound on her leg that still gave her twinges of pain when pressed.
    • Halfway through the day I turned my head and felt a sudden twinge of pain.
    • I lay there with slight twinges of pain racing up and down my ribs, neck, face and realized that the house was completely silent.
    • A sharp twinge of pain caused him to take in a hissing breath in an effort to resist temptation of crying out as she found the spot.
    • By midday the pains had gone from sharp twinges every 5 minutes or so to a constant, agonising pain (Which the Dr at the hospital told me were contractions as my cervix had to open up).
    • A sharp twinge of agony shot up her left arm, reaching her shoulder and spreading through her entire chest.
    • But as she discovered a lot of the aching and twinges of sharp pain had gone, giving her some relief as she moved and walked.
    • For example, if someone is suffering from arthritis in the knees, they will feel a sharp twinge, rather like a needle, when the machine sends a charge to the corresponding point on their ear.
    • Then at 65m, far out in front of the field, a sudden twinge tickles his thigh.
    • She wriggled off the windowsill and scrambled onto the stone wall, ignoring the twinges of pain in her damaged wrist.

verbo intransitivo

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    my ankle still twinges from time to time todavía a veces me dan punzadas en el tobillo