Traducción de two-handed en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtu ˈˌhændəd///


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    two-handed sword mandoble masculino
    • two-handed backhand revés a dos manos
    • two-handed saw tronzador
    • She did a little victory dance that ended in a two-handed high five between her and Will.
    • A longer 7-foot blank and a two-handed grip provided more authority for the demanding drill of reaching out and covering water.
    • Kids also did better on narrow bridges if they switched their method of holding the handrail during a crossing, such as going from a one-handed grip facing frontward to a two-handed grip facing sideways.
    • This weapon is prayer, which, she wrote, ‘is as sure as my two-handed backhand.
    • Testicular examination of the infant and young child requires a two-handed technique.
    • The floating two-handed underhand lay-up: Can be used by a hard driving guard coming down the lane in front of a closely defended basket.
    • Everyone else in the tournament shot two-handed as the rules allowed.
    • The dude, a little guy who had done nothing the entire game, took a two-handed set shot from three and banked it in, hard.
    • They lunged at each other again, both wielding their swords two-handed.
    • I have short fingers and not much working time with double stack .45s, and with a two-handed grip, my thumbs crowded the slide stop.
    • Like two-handed set shots and too-short shorts, quality depth and size have all but vanished from college basketball.
    • I grew up in the days of the two-handed set shot and was taught to square your shoulders to the basket in launching that shot.
    • Grasping the solidified handle in a tight two-handed grip, she held her weapon in front of herself, glaring at her opponent in unveiled defiance.
    • The grip frame has finger groves, and the front of the trigger guard is flat with horizontal serrations to facilitate a two-handed combat grip.
    • Held in a two-handed grip, the laminated blades slashed and parried at an incredible speed, meeting with abrupt smacks of wood on wood, but always under control.
    • Without warning, Anubis stopped the blade, once again got a two-handed grip on it, and slashed it down at Set.
    • I did ‘take a hit’ on my left thumb, on the second shot, while attempting to use a two-handed grip.
    • Until then, only the two-handed set shot and hook shots were being used on the perimeter.
    • Someone should have told him that the two-handed pistol grip, as applied to every TV cop flick, is a post-war technique.
    • For a moment, he was tempted to draw the weapon in his holster and shoot two-handed.