Traducción de two-seater en Español:


biplaza, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌtuˈsidər//tuːˈsiːtə/


  • 1

    (car/plane) biplaza
    (car/plane) de dos plazas


  • 1

    biplaza masculino
    • This two-seater roadster looks much better with the roof down rather than up; it is transformed into an Audi TT wannabe at a fraction of the price.
    • Adrian found his way around the shoes and handed Nicky a cup of coffee, before sitting at the other end of the two-seater sofa.
    • With one big leap they all stood from the two-seater couch that had been seating four and took deep breaths.
    • In the back is a two-seater settee that converts into a double bed.
    • Rear passenger space is a bit on the small side, almost making this a two-seater, but you could shoehorn in a couple of adults at a push.
    • There is no such rule as one backside per seat; four people can and will squeeze onto a two-seater bench.
    • The damage to the lounge area was considerable, taking its toll of two two-seater settees, desks, cabinets, carpets and curtains.
    • Niche cars are out of control in the modern world and if you want a two-seater Sports Utility MPV Hatchback Turbo, you'll find it somewhere.
    • Consequently, a two-seater van would not be practical.
    • Lewis had been drinking and was ‘showing off’ to two teenage boys sitting together in the passenger seat of his two-seater sports car.
    • In the meantime I have placed the brown squab couch adjacent the grey two-seater sofa bed, and voila - my own lounger in the window.
    • I sat down next to him on our beige two-seater couch, folding my hands in my lap.
    • He reached for her, but she discouraged him momentarily with a gesture, directing him to sit down on a maroon two-seater sofa.
    • Now you're ready to speed off and enjoy the rare glory that is topless motoring in a high-performance two-seater.
    • Juice was sitting on the two-seater sofa and Sarah took her place next to him, pouring them each a drink.
    • When BMW, Mercedes and Porsche introduced two-seaters at twice the Miata's sticker, the category exploded.
    • Closeness to their passenger presumably fosters romance too, a traditional if sometimes overlooked virtue of the two-seater roadster.
    • There was a comfy-looking two-seater sofa across from a small television set, and Mark seemed to be heading towards it.
    • It was making so much noise I moved out into the lounge room to sleep but unfortunately my sofas are only two-seaters and very uncomfortable for sleeping.
    • First is the Opel Speedster, a two-seater sportscar in the no-compromise tradition.