Traducción de two-time en Español:


ponerle los cuernos a, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtu ˌtaɪm//ˈtuːtʌɪm/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (be unfaithful to)
    ponerle los cuernos a coloquial
    meterle los cuernos a coloquial
    ponerle el gorro a Chile coloquial
    • The season's bad boy is a heart-stealing student rock musician who two-timed Jen but is somehow still allowed to hang out with the gang.
    • If you think your spouse is two-timing you, you're probably right, says a detective who specializes in matrimonial work.
    • Every lady I ever went with two-timed me.
    • She looked like she'd as soon put a knife in you as not if you two-timed her.
    • He could be in hot water with his missus over published reports that he two-timed her with a porn star at a wild bachelor party.
    • The chiropractor, who didn't appear to notice he was being two-timed by his date, was the only one other than Sam who still had an appetite.
    • A jealous woman whose fiancé was two-timing her from his prison cell took her revenge by running over her love rival twice.
    • But what about when you two-timed him years ago.
    • She used to go out with him before he two-timed her.
    • Well they started fighting because Fra found out that Jason had two-timed me with umm this girl I don't really like.
    • It is true that Bridget Jones is particularly neurotic in her quest to snare a partner, but at least she ditches the rat who two-times her, showing that she does have some sense of self-esteem.
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