Traducción de two-way en Español:


de doble sentido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtu ˈˌweɪ//tuːˈweɪ/


  • 1

    (traffic/street) de doble sentido
    (traffic/street) de doble dirección
    (traffic/street) de doble vía Colombia
    (traffic/street) de doble mano Río de la Plata
    (agreement) bilateral
    (contest/race) de dos (participantes) EEUU
    (valve) bidireccional
    two-way adaptor ladrón masculino
    • two-way switch interruptor de conexión recíproca
    • they have to make concessions too: it's a two-way process tiene que haber concesiones mutuas / de ambas partes
    • The two-way radio to the mainland was not working and the rough seas prevented the few able-bodied men still on the island from taking the critically ill man to a hospital.
    • Consultation is a two-way process, allowing discussion and amendments to take place.
    • A choiceboard is a Web-based tool that allows for real-time, two-way interactions between companies and their customers.
    • Radu held the view then that communication was a two-way process and members should also approach him if they wanted information.
    • Phone lines have been cut, two-way radios confiscated.
    • Communication is a two-way process, from board to world and company and in the other direction.
    • One shop kept its pirated stock in a space above the ceiling, and clerks communicated with two-way radios to have them brought out for customers.
    • The pair used two-way radios to communicate, the paper reported, and if traffic or other conditions weren't acceptable, they would not shoot.
    • Since the vS talks to your two-way radio it allows mobile monitoring anywhere within range of the transmitter.
    • Be sure trainers are showing the leadership skills necessary to actively engage staff in a two-way communication process.
    • Researchers at the Koestler Unit think that vision may involve a two-way process, an inward movement of light and an outward projection of mental images.
    • The company's Private Ears allow the wearer to hear a two-way radio or cell phone through a wireless earpiece.
    • They were led by men on motorcycles with two-way radios.
    • The smugglers, too, have taken advantage of technology, particularly cell phones and two-way radios that allow them to avoid agents and arrange rides before landing.
    • Canadian Wireless and Data will be sponsoring the project, providing Armstrong with a cell phone, air time and two two-way radios for communication with the station during the broadcast.
    • Many health care occupancies are installing voice communications systems with both public address and two-way radio communications, according to Carrigan.
    • Under the scheme, shopkeepers and staff are issued with two-way radios that enable them to track suspects around the town alerting the police to potential criminals.
    • Teachers and students use Web technology that allows continuous two-way audio dialogue, which is much like talking on the telephone.
    • We had a boat each and communicated via two-way radios.
    • I note that it is important to recognize that communication is a two-way process involving both sender and receiver.