Traducción de two-way mirror en Español:

two-way mirror


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    cristal que funciona como espejo por un lado y como ventana por el otro
    • It consisted of seeing 15 ‘patients’ in a mock surgery while three assessors watched from behind a two-way mirror.
    • Yes, they don't see the cameras, because the cameramen are behind two-way mirrors, so they don't meet people from the production.
    • In a dream sequence that perfectly captures the lure of the self-loving fetish-icon, Sean watches from behind a two-way mirror as Johnny lovingly shaves his face and then kisses the mirror.
    • The projection was aimed at a two-way mirror in the middle of the room, which allowed the image to pass through to the wall across the room as it simultaneously reflected it back onto the wall with the hole cut into it.
    • I felt like an utter idiot, like a moron jamming a square peg in a round hole while being observed from behind a two-way mirror.
    • The lack of two-way mirrors to separate victims and assailants is out of line with most European countries and, according to a Garda source, may often mean a victim is unable to identify their assailant.
    • They will also be able to see the two-way mirror to the cells, used to spot all kinds of dubious dealings.
    • The main problem it seemed was that people treated it a little too reverently, and so two-way mirrors are being considered, as well as directional mikes.
    • Still, many companies rely on focus groups, in which 8-to - 12 people are gathered in a room that has a two-way mirror, to make their marketing decisions.
    • Spence's mansion was found to be overflowing with surveillance equipment, including hidden cameras and microphones and an abundance of two-way mirrors.
    • There must be men in white coats behind a two-way mirror, watching the shoppers and making frantic notes.
    • Participants faced a wall which had a two-way mirror.
    • ‘Just go into that room over there and you can watch them without bothering them,’ Claudia said pointing to the two-way mirror room.
    • Two officials were inside the room with the prisoners while three others watched from behind two-way mirrors, he said.
    • I knew they were two-way mirrors, but I didn't say anything.
    • The mirror looks exactly like a two-way mirror looks, that weird dark thing you can kind of see through.
    • Participants whose eyes were monitored were instructed to fixate on a dot of approximately 0.5 deg in circumference placed 45 cm in front of them on one side of a two-way mirror.
    • There is a fully equipped teaching laboratory with two-way mirrors, along with camera and video conferencing that allows lessons to be observed and stored on the school website.
    • For a large part of the 1960s Ainsworth sat behind a two-way mirror in Baltimore and watched one-year-olds playing with their mothers.
    • What goes on in the booth is private, no one is peeking around the curtain or looking through two-way mirrors.