Traducción de twofold en Español:


al doble, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtuˌfoʊld//ˈtuːfəʊld/


  • 1

    (that is twice as much or as many)
    (increase) al doble
    (reduction) a la mitad
  • 2

    (consisting of two parts)
    a twofold objective un objetivo doble
    • The Alliance for Better Campaigns, which supports free ad time for candidates, blamed the broadcast industry for the twofold increase.
    • Meta-analysis led in this case to a twofold increase in the precision in QTL position estimation, when compared to the most precise initial QTL position within the corresponding region.
    • The deaths in Cianjur, according to him, represent a twofold increase from previous years and so the health ministry has declared it an extraordinary incidence.
    • In addition, ‘there was also a twofold increase in the number of [simulated] rear-end collisions when drivers were conversing on cell phones,’ the study says.
    • The potential teratogenicity of benzodiazepines remains controversial, but a recent meta-analysis suggested a twofold increase, at most, in the risk of orofacial clefts.
    • Deletion of this sequence resulted in a twofold increase in ADH activity due to an underlying twofold increase in mRNA levels, suggesting a functional role in the negative regulation of mRNA.
    • Among the cases examined, it appeared that there was, at most, a twofold increase in transposase activity when an acidic amino acid was substituted for a potential phosphorylation site.
    • In tact, a family history of alcoholism is one of the strongest predictors of alcoholism in women, with those having a first-degree relative with alcoholism at a twofold to fourfold increased risk of alcoholism.
    • The Bruker machine runs at 750 MHz radio frequency, which is a twofold increase on solid state NMR used for biochemical studies and marks a 60% increase in sensitivity.
    • In other settings, it has been shown that premature hospital discharge of patients with unstable vital signs was responsible for a twofold increase in 30-day mortality.
    • Well the literature's full of studies of this, which show that there's a twofold to threefold increase risk of prostate cancer if you have a first degree relative, your dad, your brother or your child, your son has it.
    • Recall that a twofold increase in secondary mutation frequency in recD was also seen for chromosomal loci.
    • Experiencing sad or hopeless feelings and having a history of attempted suicide were associated with roughly a twofold increase in the likelihood of being the recipient of physical dating violence.
    • Although it is not possible to differentiate among these models here, we note that rates of protein evolution and intron evolution both exhibit an approximate twofold increase after gene duplication.
    • This process is commonly manifested in chromosomal monosomics in which the most common effect is an approximate twofold increase of target gene expression throughout the genome.
    • There was a more than twofold increase in survival among recipients of combination antibiotic therapy as compared with that for recipients of monotherapy regimens.
    • The findings are not compatible with the assertion that third generation oral contraceptives are associated with a twofold increase in risk of venous thromboembolism compared with older progestogens.
    • Greater hatching success was correlated with longer guarding durations, and a removal experiment verified that female presence was responsible for a twofold increase in hatching success.
    • This suggests that severely distorted transmission might have contributed to an approximately twofold increase in estimated map distances around the CYC locus.
    • Minor congenital anomalies affect 7 to 15 percent of infants exposed to antiepileptic drugs, which represents a twofold increase over that in the general population.


  • 1

    (vary/to increase) al doble
    (reduce/to decrease) a la mitad
    the cost has increased twofold el coste ha aumentado al doble
    • the number of applications dropped twofold el número de solicitudes se redujo a la mitad
    • Visits to Amnesty's US website reportedly increased sixfold, donations threefold and the rate of new memberships twofold.
    • Based on our broader definition of asthma, the prevalence of non-atopic asthma did not change between 1972-6 and 1996, but the prevalence of atopic asthma increased more than twofold.
    • The mean number of office-based visits documenting a diagnosis of ADHD among girls tripled in the 1990s, whereas the number for boys increased about twofold.
    • Since the distribution of values for genes whose expression decreased twofold or more were bounded between 0 and 0.5, we assumed that the variances were not equal for the comparison of these genes.
    • Buybacks jumped nearly twofold in the fiscal year that ended in March, to $23 billion.
    • According to the Journal of Periodontology, high levels of stress and poor coping skills increase twofold the likelihood of development of periodontal disease.
    • The city's population tripled within five years of von Braun's arrival, increased twofold during the following decade, and has been climbing steadily, if less spectacularly, since.
    • He can feel Pristine's power increase twofold.
    • Just staying still for five minutes burns six calories, but you can increase that twofold by making your bed, fourfold by walking, sixfold by gardening, and ninefold by climbing stairs.
    • In this respect, we have increased the minimum salary by 29 per cent, we have also increased the family allowance twofold, and taxes have been significantly reduced.
    • It is notable that transformation efficiency is increased at least twofold in both wild-type and mutant strains at 36° (data not shown).