Traducción de typecast en Español:


encasillar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtaɪpˌkæst//ˈtʌɪpkɑːst/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (actor) (en cierto tipo de papel) encasillar
    • In fact, film actors have decried typecasting almost since the beginning of filmmaking.
    • Between Koma and The Eye Angelica Lee is running the risk of being typecast as the organ-transplant actress.
    • Just as young actresses who are typecast get more film roles, a person pegged as a retail banking marketing assistant will find it easier to get a new job than someone with more general marketing experience.
    • It's amazing that such a talented actor is so strongly typecast and can only secure sidekick roles.
    • I probably wouldn't have had a career if I hadn't been initially typecast in those roles.
    • I'm reliably informed that most actors like to stay away from typecasting in roles.
    • Rawal, who has been actively involved in Gujarati and Hindi theatre since 1973, feels that the film industry has a tendency to typecast actors.
    • Tyrone Power, tired of being typecast in heroic pretty-boy roles, optioned William Lindsay Gresham's pitch black noir novel himself.
    • We hear so often that actors fear being typecast if they come out as gay.
    • But in those days you were typecast (some actors got typecast for life) and good dramatic parts didn't seek him out.
    • Western actors are routinely typecast into two roles in Korea evil American GIs/officials and comic relief.
    • Curtis was very interested, partly because he saw it as opportunity to break out of the dead-end, pretty-boy roles he was becoming typecast in.
    • Sometimes you have to feel sorry for actors who play particularly evil roles and are typecast as villains and often spat on in their real lives.
    • Throughout the 60s and 70s, Jack Lemmon was typecast as a tense, neurotic, excruciatingly insecure pen pusher.
    • You do get typecast as an actor and I knew that this role appealed to me and would suit me.
    • I don't understand this fear of being typecast in gay roles.
    • I think one reason why the movies Hong Kong directors make in Hong Kong are a lot better than what they turn out in Hollywood is because they don't have to typecast their actors into certain roles.
    • But as the RADA-trained actress sees her reputation grow, she fears being typecast in roles as brassy northerners.
    • Actors being typecast and movies becoming clichéd are not peculiar to Bollywood or Gandhinagar.
    • That proved to be a wise decision - Get Smart only lasted four seasons in the United States, despite a slew of Emmys, and typecast all of the actors, including Adams.