Traducción de ulterior en Español:


oculto, adj.

Pronunciación /əlˈtɪriər//ʌlˈtɪərɪə/


  • 1

    ulterior motive motivo oculto masculino
    • Has it ever occurred to anyone the ulterior motive behind these shows?
    • All this doesn't necessarily mean there's no ulterior motive behind the Corning action.
    • Is he really behind Jill and her dream to fulfill her dead husband's destiny, or is there an ulterior motive behind his caring compassion?
    • A quick query with the UCB revealed no obviously ulterior motive - they don't even know when the touring squad for Sri Lanka will be announced.
    • Seeing as though the cat was a gift from Renee, I think perhaps that there was an ulterior motive behind the gift.
    • If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
    • If this is not acceptable to the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the country, then Protestants may be led to conclude that there is an ulterior motive behind all the bluster.
    • But those are clichés only to those of cynical persuasion who assume that an ulterior motive lurks behind every altruistic act.
    • The ulterior motive behind the festival facade is not hard to uncover.
    • There isn't any ulterior motive behind any of the decisions we make.
    • When the intentions are not good and there are ulterior motives lurking behind, then it is detrimental to religion.
    • Here Charlie admits to an ulterior, safety-related, motive.
    • You seem to have some ulterior motive behind asking this, and I doubt that it was to put any of us in harm's way, since you're too good for that.
    • Town mayor Councillor Martin Leathley said there was no ulterior motive behind the change of job title.
    • To be completely honest, there was no ulterior motive behind the act whatsoever.
    • It would be easier to dismiss the whole exercise if there were an obvious ulterior motive.
    • But Drew had to admit she also had a more selfish, ulterior motive for not going.
    • It is as close as the wily McGahern will get to admitting ulterior motives for writing such a personal book.
    • Be wary of anything he says, because a good portion of it has an ulterior motive behind it that will not lead to marriage.
    • But the rest of you, if you are real and proper visitors with no ulterior motives or hidden agendas, welcome, pull up a chair and stay a while.
  • 2

    ulterior formal
    • Thus, if a person enters with an ulterior intent, the entry will generally be trespassory unless the occupier has granted permission to enter for that purpose.