Traducción de unabashed en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənəˈbæʃt//ʌnəˈbaʃt/


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    she continued her speech unabashed continuó con su discurso impertérrita / sin inmutarse
    • she displayed an attitude of unabashed greed mostró su codicia con total desenfado / sin ningún reparo
    • unabashed by their indifference, he proceeded to … sin dejarse intimidar por su indiferencia, procedió a …
    • The unabashed stylization of the new popular poetry demonstrates two basic features of oral poetry.
    • Donahue is that rarest of TV creatures, an unabashed liberal with his own prime time show.
    • The unabashed display of political partisanship certainly added some spice to an otherwise lackluster campaign.
    • The winner would then take on incumbent Democrat Ed Rendell - an unabashed Eagles fan.
    • Both are unabashed liberals who became popular by being openly, even caustically partisan.
    • Gradually, the adoration turns into unabashed devotion, as people try to clamber onto the stage.
    • He broke an unwritten rule for Aberdeen players in being unabashed about his fanaticism for Celtic during his Dumbarton upbringing.
    • The hyper colors reveal text that is unabashed in language and meaning.
    • This was an unabashed and unconcealed way of hiding the truth from those above!
    • Hilles may have a spare, muscular style of writing, but he is unabashed when it comes to expressing his affection for Luke.
    • This was nothing compared with the unabashed pro-Americanism of their declaration.
    • Grab the chance to laugh with someone who's excited and unabashed.
    • We've done it in the main in an unashamed, unabashed patriotic fashion.
    • Walking down the dark hall, groping the walls, was Northeast Philly in all its unabashed intimacy.
    • An unabashed populist, Besson doesn't make movies for critics.
    • The sheer audacity of this album, its unabashed confidence and sense of drama is jaw dropping.
    • Passivity, in the face of such a bold, unabashed show of power from above, appears to be the order of the day.
    • His unabashed pinky-extended criticism almost always gives an enjoyable read.
    • I dashed after her and caught up with her outside where she stood unabashed and unembarrassed staring around her.
    • Au Pied de Cochon is an unabashed celebration of carnivorousness.