Traducción de unable en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənˈeɪbəl//ʌnˈeɪb(ə)l/


  • 1

    to be unable to + inf no poder + inf
    • she was unable to attend no pudo / le fue imposible asistir
    • I'm afraid we're unable to help you me temo que no podemos / que no está en nuestra mano ayudarlo
    • he was unable to beat his opponent fue incapaz de vencer a su contrincante
    • He was attacked by the media and speculation grew that he was unable to cope with crises.
    • Bird was unable to engage his gears, but managed to get going and finished at the back.
    • He had claimed it was a new flavouring for saffron rice but had been unable to look me in the eye when he said it.
    • If York regulars follow their usual route to the course they will be unable to reach it.
    • They were unable to open the door for visitors by pressing the buzzers in their rooms.
    • He was unable to drive his stepson to school and had to cancel a hospital appointment.
    • We have a government that is pathologically unable to say what it is actually about.
    • What I have yet to see is a poor dentist living in the rough part of town unable to feed his or her family!
    • I remember now at work being unable to do many of my duties when other people were around.
    • They could also house children who feel unable to live with a family which is not their own.
    • She was slurring her words and unable to use to her tongue properly to help her make the sounds.
    • One problem that could occur is if property owners are unable to let out the house.
    • He would have liked more tomato and was unable to finish his meal saying it became too oily.
    • I am unable to reprint my story here, but if you read some of the links you'll get the gist of it.
    • Mr Bubb said that the sisters had been unable to go to the police when they told their mother.
    • Surgeons sewed most of the piece back on but were unable to replace a small section.
    • The job is ideal for those people who would like a bit of extra cash but are unable to fit in many hours of work.
    • It concerns a boy desperate to obtain his mother's love, a love she is unable to give.
    • Windermere yet again were unable to put out their best side due to illness and injury.
    • A charity shop is to close after a lack of business and rising costs have left it unable to go on.