Traducción de unaccustomed en Español:


desacostumbrado, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnəˈkʌstəmd//ˌənəˈkəstəmd/


  • 1

    poco habitual
    • I avoided his stares and finished the meal in silence, surprising Gretchen with my unaccustomed taciturnity.
    • Cruise the Mediterranean in unaccustomed splendour aboard the Royal Clipper, the only square-sailed full-rigged ship in the world with five masts.
    • Ministers have grown used to preening themselves over Britain's unaccustomed role last year as the fastest grower among the Group of Seven leading world economies.
    • The violinist, Ma, plays the opening bars of a Mozart sonata, and the unaccustomed cadences and harmonies of classical western melody are like strange birdsong.
    • Unreasonable politics and unreliable infrastructure are not however what worry the Khonoma village elders as much as the unaccustomed attention.
    • Even so, this mixture of first and second team players, several of them in unaccustomed positions, showed real determination and got stronger as the game progressed.
    • They were among the tens of thousands of people forced out of the Gulf Coast and into unaccustomed holding places where no one knew quite what to make of them.
    • Mark Dempsie was given the central role in the back three, while Hibs' stretched resources meant an unaccustomed beat for Mathias Jack on the wide left of midfield.
    • The likely solution could be to give David Sommeil his Premiership start of the season, either in an unaccustomed left back role or in his preferred central defensive role.
    • Mr Brewer said: ‘At home she has to share an apartment with a married couple, so to have a room of her own to sleep in is an unaccustomed luxury.’
    • She is trying to understand her new awakening and is shocked and thrilled by the unusual and unaccustomed nature of her desires.
    • World Cup winner Roff, 25, last played sevens in Hong Kong in 1995 and made an immediate impact, playing in the unaccustomed role of prop.
    • Others, such as the knitwear designer Edmund McNulty, take the opportunity to revel in an unaccustomed freedom from commercial considerations.
    • Colin Bell, back on the ground where he first made his mark in soccer, limped through the game in an unaccustomed centre half role, but still had the skill to control a ball and make good use of the possession.
    • This time Craig Wilding, playing in an unaccustomed midfield role, delivered the killer ball for Jon Parkin to turn in the area and send an unstoppable shot past Paul Pettinger.
    • Even Ryan Giggs, especially Ryan Giggs, felt a long way from home, hearing the unaccustomed sound of jeering in his first foray down the patch of turf he knows as well as his back garden.
    • I took the opportunity of peering at his shed while hanging out the washing in the unaccustomed sunshine.
    • Two hundred and fifty crew members are spread across two resorts, and the bars and restaurants of the Vanuatu capital have an unaccustomed buzz.
    • Gummo Trotsky, possibly inspired by last week's story of his unaccustomed silence, has now turned his coyness into 34 comments.
    • But he confesses to grave and unaccustomed doubts about coming to Glasgow when he received the call from his old international team boss, because he did not want to let him down.
  • 2

    to be unaccustomed to sth/-ing no estar acostumbrado a algo/+ inf
    • Their blunt way of describing some of the ills of society might alienate some people, especially those unaccustomed to sarcasm or sardonic humour.
    • It's surprising how many people are unaccustomed to hairiness.
    • As I started using the pen, I realized that I am very unaccustomed to using a pen on a tablet away from the actual computer screen.
    • CNN Jonathan Freed in Melvern, Kansas, met people unaccustomed to the publicity and this level of heartbreak.
    • Montrealers, unaccustomed to the newspaper boxes' presence, took to them like apes to a monolith.
    • To this unaccustomed eye, the scripts are, indeed, different.
    • This recipe is so easy that even an inexperienced man unaccustomed to baking can whip up this yummy cheesecake.
    • Tim wound steadfastly, back hunched over the reel, unaccustomed to the strange combination of muscles and effort.
    • Rachel Stanley's Velma Kelly is a whip-thin Annie Lennox-type, and she tried hard to warm up an audience unaccustomed to musical theatre.
    • And since people are still unaccustomed to the feel of the new paper, they won't notice if your fakes aren't a perfect tactile match.
    • Veteran London commuters were astonished that taxi drivers, unaccustomed to clear runs through the streets, had stopped complaining.
    • For those unaccustomed to the concept, a roundabout is an intersection with a circle in the middle that drivers go around and then continue on the route of their choice.
    • There is a mutual understanding of army language, clothing, signs and symbols that the civilian population at large would be unaccustomed to.
    • It's a strange experience because they are unaccustomed to being cared for and fussed over.
    • Third-placed Grewal is even more pleasantly surprised to be in the running for the prestigious event, unaccustomed as he is to being near the top of big tournaments.
    • If it's good enough for Her Majesty the Queen, it's good enough for those unaccustomed to smelling fresh paint wherever they go.
    • Every sign here looks like this is someone who was unaccustomed to and overwhelmed by the media spotlight this was generating and took his own life.
    • In short, there is a physical regimen for every man and woman over 65, no matter how brittle their frame or how unaccustomed they are to exercise.
    • Rafael is a boisterous, garrulous man eager to debate issues but clearly unaccustomed to being challenged by a woman.
    • Air-conditioning is a must for the American tourist who is unaccustomed to the possible one hundred degree heat.