Traducción de unacknowledged en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌnəkˈnɒlɪdʒd//ˌənəkˈnɑlɪdʒd/


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    my letter went unacknowledged no acusaron recibo de mi carta
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    (authority/champion/heir) no reconocido
    • But she is not unacknowledged among ordinary men and women.
    • The disorder of the gathering, manifest in the unready table as well as in the uncertain alliance among its members, resonates with the fleeting image of a bodhisattva that is unacknowledged and unseen.
    • Shelley thought poets should be recognized as unacknowledged legislators.
    • Previously known but sadly unacknowledged reader Eli Forester did the trigonometry.
    • Was he the unacknowledged father of Madeleine's ‘sister’ (actually her daughter), Armande, whom Moliere married when she was twenty and he forty?
    • Like Aristotle - his unacknowledged master throughout Parts 3 and 4 of the Ethics - he believes that moral questions can be objectively posed and objectively answered.
    • On the other hand, whilst trying to find information on the Slavic / Russian Goddess Lada, I've become aware of exactly how much unacknowledged cribbing and copying of information is going on out there.
    • Because we accept unacknowledged, therefore unarticulated, premises that inhibit us from identifying causes and eliminating them, we deal with the effects only of our most pressing problems.
    • Like the Rathergate and Swiftvets story, the scene seems set for an invisible and unacknowledged meme to exert a powerful influence on mainstream news.
    • Illness therefore, can sometimes reflect psychological processes which are either unacknowledged or seemingly unrealisable.
    • In the silence - observed by everyone but Ruth, who gave a talk each evening - I felt unseen, unacknowledged.
    • As they wrestled with their search for the mega-solution, a cyclist passed by, unseen, unacknowledged, and smiling.
    • As a brassy cross-dressing farce, Connie and Carla is an energetic, if obvious, take on sexual role-playing and fake baritones, driven by a plot-line that is an unacknowledged steal from Some Like It Hot.
    • Visit Sangre Grande Hospital and see these unacknowledged heroes who serve without fuss of fanfare, Minister Rahael.
    • Anger over that unacknowledged history remains potent in the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithunia and Estonia, annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940 and given independence 14 years ago.
    • As a boy, he heard of Nat Turner's rebellion and as a young man saw his unacknowledged father and brothers go away to fight in gray.
    • The sight of his own unacknowledged children brings the rake of the title closer to his reform.
    • These would comprise what I consider to be our historically unacknowledged heroes.
    • That is the unacknowledged stepfather of rave culture.
    • The more powerful rules, however, may be unspoken, unacknowledged or even unconscious.
    • Decline and death are unacknowledged possibilities because they threaten Homo Faber's claim to potency, control, and invulnerability.
    • According to EFT, unacknowledged emotions underlie the positions in the negative cycle.
    • Suffice it to say, the enemy of an unacknowledged enemy is not our friend.
    • A symbol has multiple meanings and some resemblance to what it is supposed to represent, which in most cases is an unacknowledged idea or one the individual is not conscious of.
    • His fortune changes when he is revealed to be the unacknowledged son of a wealthy white man who has left his large estate to Marchand.
    • His best friend, Trompo Loco, wants nothing more from life than some attention from his unacknowledged father, Julio's secret boss Eddie.
    • Who would like to walk around all day invisible and unacknowledged?
    • Nevertheless, his ideas still retain a potent though unacknowledged influence in Chinese minds.
    • Swindon Counselling Service, a registered charity, has 16 years of experience in helping people to get through rough patches in their relationships and also come to terms with unacknowledged emotions.
    • Think ingenuity, and the usual names crop up, but exceptional management and leadership lurk unacknowledged on the corporate fringe.
    • By contrast, dissatisfied spouses' behaviour changes were more likely to stay unacknowledged, showing the two partners were independent actors in the discussion.
    • He put it down by the door, its presence and nature recognized but unacknowledged by either of them.
    • Maybe his contradictory impulse to both risk and protect Maggie, which represents his ambivalent, unacknowledged rage towards his daughter, has brought the shadow into existence.
    • They are called dance captains - some of the most unacknowledged people in musical theater.
    • One of them is previously unacknowledged reader Carl Feynman, who wrote in about the bizarre SOHO image mentioned below.
    • Women are the invisible workforce and the unacknowledged backbone of the family.
    • On the one hand they provide a forum, a space, for work that might struggle to find an airing elsewhere, providing a small, often unacknowledged but necessary, forum for debate and experimentation.
    • The image of being robbers might represent an unacknowledged side of yourself that is taking something valuable - time or attention, perhaps?
    • Underlying this is the unacknowledged fact that surfing is surfing, no matter how you do it.