Traducción de unaesthetic en Español:


antiestético, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənɛsˈθɛdɪk//ʌnɛsˈθɛtɪk//ʌniːsˈθɛtɪk/



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    • Ruthlessness toward members of the same species is not only unethical and unaesthetic, it is perverse, against nature.
    • Despite their unaesthetic design, Fortey fell for the hard - shelled creatures immediately.
    • Maybe that was the idea - to compensate for a poor sculptor or unaesthetic subject.
    • But what does get through to him is sabre-rattling - unaesthetic and ugly belligerence.
    • He uses silicone as an adhesive, and for any of you unfamiliar with silicone, it's a sticky, clear, incomprehensibly unaesthetic product sold by the tube in most hardware stores.
    • Blackheads are one of the nastiest problems of the facial skin, because, like zits and pimples, they give an unaesthetic look.
    • He shunned the fury of the senses and what Keats called ‘ruffian passion’, which Boucher perceived as not merely unpolished and irrational but also as supremely unaesthetic.
    • Well, it's unaesthetic, silly and perhaps somewhat cute.
    • If you have watched this television show, the celebratory eating of worms and other unaesthetic creatures on television, you will know that the ratings can keep coming only so long.
    • The developing Istanbul is unaesthetic in its architecture.
    • There are inevitably items in the food we eat (as there always have been) that are harmless but definitely unaesthetic.
    • As an artist, I view anything out of proportion as totally unaesthetic.
    • Like much of urban Trinidad, this appears to be a functional if unaesthetic sprawl of small businesses, shops, fast-food outlets, homes, temples, mosques and Hindu prayer flags.
    • The whole room seemed like an eerily, unaesthetic white prison.
    • Chronic excessive fluoride intake can result in fluorosis, an unaesthetic mottling of the teeth.
    • But finding a mass of squirming roundworms is an unaesthetic experience, so fish from infected ponds are banned from being marketed fresh and can be sold only to processing plants, which pay much less.
    • He riddled his tales with a child's patois, ‘plenty of prattle, nonsense, and unaesthetic words like ‘baa’ and ‘boo’ in his pockets.
    • ‘It's unaesthetic,’ and I suggested she wear something to pack it in.
    • They were aware of French critics who cast aspersions on the Eiffel Tower as overly influenced by raw, unaesthetic American technology.