Traducción de unaffectionate en Español:


poco cariñoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnəˈfɛkʃ(ə)nət/


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    poco cariñoso
    • ‘Well,’ Hayley began thoughtfully, ‘he was always a bit blunt and sometimes even thoughtless, but he was never as unaffectionate and unfeeling as now.’
    • I'm frosty, distant and unaffectionate.
    • I've made my needs known and quite a few times she would try to change and would for a while, but would then go back to being unaffectionate and not thinking about me and not doing all the nice things I do to her and for her.
    • She rapidly became unaffectionate and irritated-seeming.
    • He has also told me I'm cold and unaffectionate, which ever single guy I've dated save one has told me.
    • When his father remarries, Stephen sticks close to his mother, a devoted but unaffectionate woman who keeps him far from his father's lavish life and new family.
    • And the real reason he was unhappy and unaffectionate was because he was depressed about his job.
    • If I could sum up our problems in a sentence, I would have to say that he was kind of a Bad Boy: brooding, depressed, grouchy, inattentive, unaffectionate.
    • I am not blind toward her daily stresses, however, over the past 3 years or so, she has become completely unaffectionate.
    • They shook hands in a very male, unaffectionate sort of way.
    • A tear slid down Francine's cheek, and the usually unaffectionate Crystal put an arm around her, though she felt slightly uncomfortable doing it.
    • In a 1987 study of college-age women and their fathers, all from intact families, found that those daughters most likely to become depressed had fathers who frequently were insensitive, unaffectionate, and unavailable.
    • She was the illegitimate daughter of a maid and was brought up in Paris in bleak and unaffectionate circumstances.
    • Floyd and Morman with a sample of 506 men and their adolescent sons found the men who were most affectionate with their sons had fathers who were either highly affectionate or highly unaffectionate - a kind of compensation effect.
    • My father was just like my gran, unaffectionate, disliked emotions, disliked any form of togetherness.
    • If we take her unaffectionate term to mean a kind of stately opulence resulting in cinematic impotence, she has succeeded.
    • Women in this country are fed-up with Scottish men because they are reserved and can be unaffectionate, whereas Latin women love them for that.
    • Does being unaffectionate makes you emotionally stunted?
    • To the prodigal son, they said their goodbyes - in such unaffectionate language that the reconciliation Rooney may hope for will never happen - before they gave voice to the mightiest of roars.
    • She has admitted to being dumped a lot because boyfriends find her cold and unaffectionate.