Traducción de unaffiliated en Español:


no afiliado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənəˈfɪliˌeɪdəd//ʌnəˈfɪlɪeɪtɪd/


  • 1

    no afiliado
    sin afiliar
    • Even in cases of unaffiliated or unwanted remains, the report leans on the side of return.
    • Kwik-Fit's change of emphasis is well-timed, as forthcoming changes in the UK car market should bolster demand for unaffiliated after-sales service outlets.
    • Especially in the South and in parts of the West, state parties that once limited participation to registered Democrats have begun admitting independent and unaffiliated voters.
    • But when CNN reporter Kevin Sites' bosses found out he'd been blogging his experiences on an unaffiliated site, they told him to stop.
    • By comparison, only about 18 percent of remaining registered voters were enrolled as independent or unaffiliated.
    • However, candidates - as well as unaffiliated individuals and organizations - have a First Amendment right to spend money on media access for their campaign speech.
    • Data in the system cannot be modified, and unaffiliated physicians cannot connect to Geisinger's production databases, where data could be tampered with or destroyed, Chanaga says.
    • The link is on an unaffiliated site that had resources for gay youth.
    • Key research libraries are often closed to unaffiliated users, and many libraries keep the bulk of their collections in closed stacks, inhibiting the rewarding pleasures of browsing.
    • Artists, musicians and other creative types, most unaffiliated with activist organizations, are planning numerous ways to ‘welcome’ the Republicans.
    • Perhaps the time has come for constituencies to elect independent citizens, unaffiliated to any political party, to our Parliament in order to begin the process of good government.
    • We are independent patriots, unaffiliated with anyone, untainted by any political history.
    • A pupil at Sherburn High School, Ford has also qualified for several second rounds in the Trailblazers show jumping series, again run on a national basis at unaffiliated level.
    • Both parties agree that unaffiliated voters will be crucial in Colorado.
    • She is rare in that she is an independent intellectual, unaffiliated with any university.
    • The nonsectarian, unaffiliated organization performs in three separate age-based ensembles and includes girls ranging in age from 6 to 17.
    • It comes not only from established organisations with clearly defined victims, but also from unaffiliated, loose-knit networks of individuals with a much broader agenda.
    • And an autonomous, unaffiliated organization of teenagers calling themselves Youth Liberation proved adept at developing, attracting, and distributing their own print media on an impressive scale.
    • The traditional players' efforts to catch up for lost ground in investment performance terms - often by outsourcing to unaffiliated fund management groups - is too little too late, claims Datamonitor.
    • Liberty Asset Managers is an independent broker, unaffiliated to any bank, building society or insurance company.