Traducción de unafraid en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənəˈfreɪd//ʌnəˈfreɪd/


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    to be unafraid of sth no temerle a algo
    • While he is unafraid to confront the toughest issues, there appears a dangerous streak of romantic illusion in his thinking.
    • He believes, for a start, that it should be unafraid of adopting a risk culture, though so did his predecessor Robert Crawford.
    • Be fearless and unafraid because really, you're only going to meet yourself.
    • I love Lynne, confident, unafraid of confrontation but apologetic.
    • Since man had by now known the taste of being fearless and unafraid.
    • It is not a matter of being unafraid, but of keeping fear under control.
    • Lovers of the team and the game and unafraid of admiring the opposition.
    • Without people of calibre who are unafraid to stand up and be counted, so much of priceless aesthetic value would be lost forever.
    • When people are unafraid to refuse a government thug's demands, something is stirring in the Islamic Republic.
    • By that time, says Mr Brennan, he is contemptuous of the criminal justice system and unafraid of the sanctions it imposes.
    • An ideal partner would be stable and quietly confident, unafraid to let them feel liberated in lifestyle and conduct.
    • Stone and Parker are unafraid of lampooning both paranoid megalomania and the inane platitudes of Hollywood superstars.
    • Henderson faces war like Horatio on the bridge, unflinching and unafraid to deal with the consequences of violence.
    • Yet similar themes recur - Barker is a fearless writer, unafraid to return to business she feels is unfinished.
    • She is also unafraid of speaking out on her favourite causes.
    • Rude, clumsy, offensive and unafraid, and more than willing to throw someone else's judgment of you back at them.
    • This is big, confident, grown-up film-making, unafraid of becoming ridiculous.
    • But the appointment would court controversy, as Maxwell Davies has proved unafraid to speak his mind.
    • Wells is unafraid to mention his own lack of percipience.
    • But are people really unafraid, and is fear such a bad thing to admit to?


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    sin temor
    to face sth unafraid enfrentarse a algo sin temor