Traducción de unambiguous en Español:


inequívoco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənæmˈbɪɡjuəs//ʌnamˈbɪɡjʊəs/


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    que no deja lugar a dudas
    • The message would be unambiguous, women are incapable of managing seats on their own.
    • It is trite law that nothing less than clear, express and unambiguous language is effective to levy a tax.
    • When societies tend to get hard on drugs and give a clear and unambiguous message, drug use goes down.
    • His clear and unambiguous philosophy was that politics had to do with a contest of ideas.
    • Such an intention must be clearly manifested by unmistakable and unambiguous language.
    • If Mr Blair has unambiguous evidence, now is the time to share it.
    • Our messaging is very clear and unambiguous about what happens at each step of the process.
    • The parol evidence rule precludes extrinsic evidence when the document is clear and unambiguous on its face.
    • The partners must set out in clear and unambiguous terms the guiding principles of the co-opetition.
    • Mr Cook said the Yule River meeting delivered an unambiguous message to the Yamatji members who attended.
    • Having said that, I must say that a clear message from unambiguous voices is coming from Pakistan.
    • No doubt this, not unambiguous, praise helped his triumphant return.
    • None of this evidence was wholly unambiguous, and no intention to attack was ever expressed.
    • Add this to the incapacitation benefit, and there is a clear and unambiguous case that locking up criminals is good for the community.
    • Boyce's clear demand for this unambiguous statement was transmitted to Goldsmith through the Prime Minister.
    • The law should be clear and unambiguous in its opposition to bigotry and prejudice.
    • The sessions on the net have been standing room only, and the message is unambiguous.
    • That's important, and it should be presented to the people in a clear, unambiguous way.
    • Within task sections, offices are arranged in a clear hierarchy with unambiguous chains of command.
    • His message was unambiguous in its support for a war before the United States and the world.