Traducción de unanimous en Español:


unánime, adj.

Pronunciación /juːˈnanɪməs//juˈnænəməs/


  • 1

    (verdict/decision/vote) unánime
    the proposal received unanimous support la propuesta recibió el apoyo de todos
    • we were unanimous in our rejection of the plan rechazamos el plan unánimemente
    • They were delighted to come to a unanimous decision on the name.
    • If this body cannot make a unanimous decision, it will be referred to an independent school adjudicator next year.
    • There was unanimous agreement at the meeting that this was unacceptable.
    • His determination ensured he punched out a unanimous decision bringing the first title to his club.
    • It was a unanimous vote of no confidence in the senior management to make the right kind of cuts to make the budget balance.
    • Mr Andrews was selected by a unanimous vote at a meeting on Friday.
    • That, at least, is one proposition on which there will be unanimous agreement.
    • If the vote was unanimous, where then did the minority disappear?
    • It takes a unanimous vote to do so, and 10 countries now want the process to continue until each country has had its say.
    • If found guilty by unanimous decision, the men will face execution.
    • This group debated the pros and cons of each piece resulting in an unanimous vote.
    • But after a year they were back in jail again after three judges could not reach a unanimous conclusion.
    • So I am just surprised that they were able to get a unanimous decision to chuck him.
    • A year ago, sympathy for the United States was close to unanimous across the planet.
    • The unanimous protests meant they were forced to reinstate the grog the following year, but I still haven't been back.
    • The unanimous decision to reelect Sahal came after he emerged the sole candidate to qualify for the runoff.
    • Not only did he think it possible to fix games but, in the unanimous opinion of three judges, he set about doing so with enthusiasm.
    • I have already mentioned the unanimous rejection of realism and its concern with social reality.
    • The students came to a unanimous decision about one particular song and insisted it should be the next single the girls release.
    • It was suspended when war broke out but has been restarted by a unanimous decision of the UN Security Council.