Traducción de unappetizing en Español:


poco apetitoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈapɪtʌɪzɪŋ//ˌənˈæpəˌtaɪzɪŋ/


  • 1

    (dish/smell) poco apetitoso
    (prospect/idea) poco apetecible
    • Indeed, this is one retelling of the classic children's story that feels inert, unappetizing, and downright revolting.
    • And on substance, Dershowitz has a very good point, as unappetizing as that point is.
    • That's an unappetizing thought, but it's the sort of thing that may soon be forced down our throats.
    • These somewhat unappetizing words do not in any way reflect on the actual mouthwatering, buttery goodness of Lobster Fest.
    • Mr Gray has previously called for supermarkets to stock more British fruit and he even branded French apples tasteless and unappetising.
    • Throw in a generous helping of parochial interests, and the result is an overcooked and unappetizing stew.
    • Love is the salt of life and without it, life would be tasteless and unappetising.
    • It tasted peculiarly watery and unappetizing.
    • The slices of beef are tender and tasty, but the greens are dressed with an unappetizing, watery soy-sesame dressing.
    • First off, Goddard is much too old to be playing the mother of young children and Matthew Cottle makes a far from attractive Clive, so this illicit coupling is as unappetising as it is unconvincing.
    • Afterward Bob takes Charlotte to lunch at a restaurant whose menu of raw fish is so unappetizing as to make him wish for his own hibachi.
    • She, however, wanted to show me how unappetizing the food was and how cramped the living conditions were.
    • Once unfurled, the fronds produce a more bitter, unappetizing flavor.
    • The first time he made it the soup looked so oxidised and grey and unappetising, but the flavour was mind-blowing, like having 15 artichokes in every spoonful.
    • Which makes one wonder why the language of wine tasting has become so downright unappetizing.
    • If you find this unappetizing, allow me to introduce you to the vegetarian ‘chicken nuggets’ that you find in the freezer section of your store.
    • Look at all those wires running up and down the walls, entwined like over-cooked spaghetti on an unappetizing plate.
    • The broth was loaded with salt and the eggs had not been properly beaten before they were introduced into the soup, leaving a rather unappetizing floating mass of semi-scrambled egg.
    • Absolutely flavorless, the lukewarm, mealy bracelet turns into an unappetizing gum once it hits the mouth.
    • That's probably because the choices facing them are so unappetizing.