Traducción de unashamed en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənəˈʃeɪmd//ʌnəˈʃeɪmd/


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    I'm an unashamed admirer of his work no tengo ningún reparo en reconocer que admiro su obra
    • he was quite unashamed about it no le dio vergüenza ninguna
    • he stared at her with unashamed curiosity se la quedó mirando sin intentar ocultar su curiosidad
    • You pick up hints of Benny Hill and Frankie Howard, with the unashamed innuendo that takes you to the brink of vulgarity but never drops over the edge.
    • But one of the driving reasons Dubai is taking centre stage as the world's forceful new holiday destination is its unashamed consumerism.
    • His dramatic Pentagon briefings caught the mood of the American public with his unashamed politically incorrect language.
    • He's an unashamed Munro bagger, and if that pastime has come to be regarded by some purists as not really being what the noble art of climbing is all about, Holstead is having none of it.
    • Having initially struggled slightly without the stability provided by a backing band, Cole is now a mature solo performer and unashamed of his poetic leanings.
    • My unashamed ambition is to work with others to make Glasgow one of the great cities of Europe.
    • The other boy seemed to have recovered, and now looked completely unashamed.
    • Sloppy and haphazard, and completely unashamed of it, it all comes together somehow.
    • Indeed, the octogenarian - considered the best prime minister Britain never had - is actually an unashamed romantic at heart.
    • We are unashamed in developing our relations with China.
    • And that's enough unashamed self-promotion for one afternoon.
    • He is absolutely unashamed when he thinks politics is the most important profession of all.
    • Come Together is an unashamed anthem, underscored by preaching for unity and a very slow burn lead-in where an organ is joined by synthetic drums and percussion.
    • This is unashamed luxury for those who appreciate the best.
    • But this one stands out for that very quality, proud, and unashamed.
    • Plus an unashamed bribe to the press: ‘I promise to take each of you individually out to dinner.’
    • Many of the group seem not merely unrepentant or unashamed but proud.
    • Englebert's own songs seem to emerge from the angst of a man who is unashamed of confessing he feels hopelessly miserable without love.
    • With the unashamed hero-worship we seem to be displaying here, surely Bozza's bandwagon is picking up speed to become an irresistible force?
    • The Eighties were about unashamed self realisation.