Traducción de unasked en Español:


sin formular, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈæs(k)t//ʌnˈɑːskt/


  • 1

    (question) sin formular
    • Dana looks over, sees my look of confusion, and answers my unasked question.
    • ‘Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what happened there,’ I answered his unasked question.
    • Immediately Ryaven knew what the conversation was about and answered the unasked question.
    • The debaters ought to address first the unasked question of within what theoretical inquiry the issue is even relevant.
    • The face I'm staring into, the face that stares back with a thousand unasked questions, is my own.
    • ‘I'm seventeen,’ she answered to his unasked question.
    • He continued, looking at his employer and answering Axler's unasked question.
    • Otherwise, this staging, full of padding and smart-aleck references, diffuses Wagner's musical power: it is an elemental drama gelded by unasked questions and a lack of ambition.
    • Oddly, the quotation answers an unasked question and makes a random plug for ‘green’ computing.
    • I didn't respond to his unasked question, carrying everything carefully into the house and down the stairs into my new room.
    • He laid his ears back, but he understood the rest of the unasked question.
    • Then there were the unasked questions about the Conservative priorities for tax cuts.
    • ‘I'm fine,’ he said, answering the unasked question.
    • You were about to ask her if she was ok when she answered the unasked question… ‘Right now.’
    • Who wasn't longing for the unasked question; ‘How 'bout I walk across the room and wipe that smirk of your face?’
    • The babies kept putting up their hands to answer unasked questions and when I'd call on one of them to answer they would yell out a random word or word related to something I'd said 10 minutes ago.
    • Bloated with unasked questions, the waiting press barely kept their restraint.
    • The question is unasked by Randy Moore and leads me to my second point.
    • ‘Killer instinct,’ he replied to her unasked question.
    • Added to this sense of despair was the unasked question about how long women must keep demanding justice and fair play.
  • 2

    (advice/suggestion) no solicitado
    he did it unasked lo hizo (de) motu proprio
    • There are miracles that happen every day, asked for and unasked for, deserved and undeserved.
    • But passion is born and though undesirable, unasked for, unnecessary like cancer, it takes root.