Traducción de unassisted en Español:


sin ayuda, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənəˈsɪstəd//ʌnəˈsɪstɪd/


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    sin ayuda
    • The birth, the culmination of a five-year process, was unassisted and went off without a hitch.
    • Shock gave way to smiles as the Pope walked unassisted down the steps of his jet at Toronto's airport Tuesday.
    • Episiotomy is used more often in births that require the use of instruments such as forceps or suction, than in unassisted births.
    • In English law she would be free to do so if she were physically capable of taking her own life, unassisted.
    • She writes about her plan to have a completely unassisted birth amidst all the signs that it's going to be high-risk.
    • Jeannine's work became focused on freebirth - birth unassisted by a paid professional.
    • Recovery from an assisted birth can take longer than an unassisted birth.
    • I can do what she teaches by myself in the limited patch of floor I have in my bedroom, I can close my eyes and breathe, I can feel the love: all that I can do unassisted.
    • A year later he skied solo to the South Pole, and in 1996 he became the first to cross Antarctica alone and unassisted - a trip that took 64 days.
    • Each word performs its solitary duty unassisted by the others, with the result that Boylan's tomatoes, rather than being shown, are only subtly anatomized.
    • For these women, their choice is to submit to unnecessary major abdominal surgery, attempt to find a willing midwife, or go if alone at home, unassisted.
    • For other parents who could not afford private school unassisted, the credits represented an opportunity to have a real choice in their children's education for the first time.
    • The tight budget, Azrul said, meant there were few midwives in many areas nationwide, leading to unassisted and dangerous births in many cases.
    • The current batch of robotic helpers can perform only one designated task and cannot think for themselves, let alone converse or function unassisted.
    • All the while, an astute farm boy from Kansas named Robert Bradley was noting a simple phenomenon: farm animals deliver their young unassisted yet rarely have complications in birth.
    • Stories are organized according to attending caregivers: physicians, midwives, and doulas, with the last chapter dedicated to unassisted births.
    • We easily see the united lustre of them, though the light of no one of the single stars could have affected the unassisted eye.
    • My only option is to schedule a repeat c-section or give birth at home unassisted.
    • It chokes me up a bit when I come back now and he is busy getting his own breakfast and putting on his uniform unassisted (I have to applaud Grandma there) and then he charges out the door eagerly.
    • The decision of sire to mate with the young cow has a major impact on likelihood of an unassisted birth.