Traducción de unattractive en Español:


poco atractivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənəˈtræktɪv//ʌnəˈtraktɪv/


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    poco atractivo
    • Most of us find them unattractive, though there are thousands of rodent fanciers who dote on their well-groomed rat-pets.
    • I pressed the ‘Door open’ button and a not unattractive older woman bounded in between me and my prize trolley.
    • It was a most unattractive sound, and I had to speak to him quite sharply about it.
    • Upon hearing me blatantly making fun of her, she turned an unattractive shade of red.
    • With its high skin to juice ratio, Mavro has a tendency to give pale, unattractive colours when vinified as a red wine.
    • The stunning singer admits she is shocked that men lust after her now she has grown up because she was overweight and unattractive as a teenager..
    • She sees he has sweat over his face, oddly unattractive.
    • Time after time I had withstood complete turmoil within me, constantly asking myself why I was so ugly and unattractive.
    • His face had a few cuts, but a deep, unattractive cut right across his cheek.
    • While the one on the left had the other stewardesses were chugging down and dancing, it was the one on the right that was favoured by our unattractive hostess.
    • He turned to stare at Liora surrounded by a group of unpleasant and unattractive girls.
    • If they are ugly, if they are unattractive, if they are too harsh for people to take on, they're not newsworthy.
    • The admiration he felt for the unattractive girl was so deep inside of him that he had kissed her only once.
    • On the flip side though: Who wants to see overweight or unattractive women on television, in the papers or in advertisements?
    • I could claim to be a model (admittedly only to people that have never seen how hideously unattractive I am).
    • Since you broke up she's embarked on a downward spiral of dating increasingly unattractive men and it all makes for quite desperate reading.
    • He said that the new plant would be added to the existing canning complex and would be built on an unattractive piece of land in the site, known by workers as the old coal tip.
    • They sound fuzzy and unattractive; their songs simply aren't memorable.
    • As long as she keeps her shoes and glasses on and shaves off her body hair on a regular basis, Isserley manages to pass as a not entirely unattractive human female.
    • She again hinted that while the site may remain, knocking down the rather unattractive buildings and starting afresh was a real option.