Traducción de unavoidable en Español:


inevitable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənəˈvɔɪdəb(ə)l//ʌnəˈvɔɪdəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • There are two principal disadvantages to being gay, one social and unnecessary and the other unavoidable.
    • Today's wars might seem unavoidable or necessary, but they no longer seem good.
    • The provision of emergency cover is a growing problem and an unavoidable consequence of specialisation.
    • The courts are not always good at distinguishing between preventable and unavoidable deaths.
    • We thought long and hard about involving other people, but we thought it was necessary and unavoidable.
    • The issue of succession necessitated by Dewar's death is painful but unavoidable.
    • Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Dr Roy Palmer said the tragedy had been unavoidable.
    • Friday's reform package was therefore an unavoidable consequence of last year's breakdown.
    • Like most of us, Manne was glad to be released from the unavoidable burdens of anticommunism.
    • Well, I tried my best to avoid this pocket of socialism, but it was just unavoidable.
    • The police said straightaway, without investigation, that the accident was unavoidable.
    • As we have 2 in our dept and others in the same building, its been pretty much unavoidable all day really.
    • Drivers will face unavoidable delays while work is carried out on a new roundabout in Witham.
    • The council argues that this is necessary as part of an unavoidable programme of cutbacks.
    • Violations are more and more resented in places where previously they had been ignored or seen as unavoidable.
    • The reactive oxygen species are produced as an unavoidable consequence of aerobic metabolism.
    • Although Vaughan's injury was unavoidable, it is not the first time he has been struck down at Headingley.
    • Nevertheless, it was unavoidable, and apparently produced despair in the members of the workshop.
    • It is the unavoidable and serious consequence of non-submission which lies at the heart of coercion.
    • During the public consultation period it said it would need to be satisfied that the increases were unavoidable.