Traducción de unbothered en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌnˈbɒðəd//ˌənˈbɑðərd/


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    she was unbothered by the criticism/the heat hacía caso omiso de las críticas/del calor
    • Though generally unbothered by the public (Scott doesn't get so much as a second glance here today), it's amazing how, when he is recognised, it's with great enthusiasm, he says.
    • Children are left uninterrupted, undistracted, unbothered; their distinctness and separateness are respected.
    • If I spend the day at the computer, ignoring the screen and working almost entirely by sound using screen reader software, I am unbothered by sight loss.
    • For this reason, I am unbothered by their scanty 1 year warranty.
    • But then I'm also amazed at how many people who favor the Death Penalty are unbothered by the number of folks who are apparently convicted in error.
    • For many feminists, it may come as a shock to hear how unbothered many young women at the nation's top schools are by the strictures of traditional roles.…
    • As an ordinary student, he could go and buy a newspaper from the local shop unhindered and unbothered by the press.
    • Rich, beautiful and apparently unbothered by regular people's concerns, she swoops in and out of Dan's life when the script calls for it.
    • Here we find England quiet and presumably unbothered by Africa, its supermarket car parks full, life going on as normal.
    • Emmott claims to be unbothered by the uncertainty.
    • If the government seems unbothered by problem alleyways and graffiti, then, runs the thinking, it will seem out of touch with voters themselves.
    • For the most part James, in his banana suit, seemed unbothered by Nicholas' shenanigans days before.
    • The Native Hawaiian government would be unbothered by the ‘irritants’ of the U.S. Constitution.
    • He was stretched out on top of the Barren Tavern's roof, hands folded behind his head, looking as peaceful and unbothered as was possible to look.
    • He does not, however, engage those issues here, leaving his exposition unbothered by the sorts of scholarly concerns that are uppermost in much current study.
    • Voters seem unbothered, noting the centre-Left spent five years squandering opportunities to resolve the issue.
    • This sentence is especially for those teenagers who waste their life on unrequited love totally unbothered about the faith and trust their parents have on their future!
    • He remains unbothered by the signs of slowdown in the economy, believing that if it proves to be more than a blip the Bank of England has plenty of scope to cut interest rates.
    • They slope around us, unbothered by the clicking camera shutters, so close we can see their eyelashes.
    • For a decade journalists and politicians have obsessed over this topic, unbothered whether they were leaving voters and readers cold.