Traducción de uncensored en Español:


no censurado, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈsɛnsəd//ˌənˈsɛnsərd/


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    no censurado
    the uncensored version la versión íntegra
    • I can't think of a time when events of such magnitude appeared live and uncensored on our television screens to such a degree.
    • Today the image, uncensored or censored, has become iconic in popular reproductions on T-shirts, refrigerator magnets and in advertising.
    • The First Season DVD is terrific, including the expanded, uncensored pilot episode.
    • People are able to express their uncensored opinions and get immediate feedback from the half dozen or several hundred people who visit their site.
    • You might get some very open and uncensored Urdu expletives.
    • ‘She was uncensored, undiplomatic, and a total liar,’ noted Spielberg.
    • Yet it's often these realistic, unglamorous details which give his women their grace, their vitality, their uncensored sensuality.
    • It is only through the uncensored expression of such opinions that we can understand and seek to change the dogma of those that believe in extremism.
    • A free press was not an unregulated one - it was an uncensored one.
    • Today, they would have aired the vainglorious fiasco uncensored.
    • The current documents are the same, but now uncensored.
    • Anyway, blogs are like diaries; they ought to be uncensored and honest.
    • It is the only Arab news channel to present untouched news and uncensored debate.
    • This Qatari satellite television network is a premier source in the Arab world of uncensored news and opinion.
    • Don't forget - you can find all the latest uncensored news from the meeting of the anti-Kremlin right here!
    • I went in search not of the songs or activities taught by teachers and parents, but of the uncensored rhymes and self-generated games that children pass among themselves.
    • They do, however, give people a global voice to express themselves in an uncensored unedited raw manner - a new development without obvious parallel.
    • Jeff allowed me to photograph him in an uncensored way: while he was playing, being interviewed, at dinner, at rest - everything.
    • Because of its small scale - its lack of major financial constraints - it's one of the last uncensored spaces.
    • A system which clearly informs what a video contains, and a stricter law for selling to underage people would in my opinion allow any video to be issued uncensored.